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  1. Hi @andy_King, I am a programmer and have made many small HTML5 games. I am interested to collaborate with you. If you are still looking, PM me.
  2. Great work ! Its an awesome game. Nice thought of converting into 3d. It would be better if you added some animation on death of a ball.
  3. Hi @imthatcarlos, I am interested to work on this game with you ! I have sent a PM with my contact. Been working with a team for long, but I have spare time for some programming.
  4. Hi Eric, nice work on the textures. I saw this post and was surprised. First the music and then this ! Texture look all good, but I doubt if the skies are really fit for a game ? Anyway, I always love your work, especially your music. Its great that you work for free and only ask to be attributed. So, thank you for that. There are not many people like you. Keep up your good work. Cheers !
  5. For web game programming, you can go to Raining Chain's youtube channel or visit his website : Go to he website and in "Code tutorial" go to html5 Game Logic. He covers everything from beginner to advanced and also teaches building networked games. That is best for beginners. Good luck and have fun building games !
  6. hi @copman ! I simply love your game concept as well as the art. I have experience in building web based games with javaScript. I like games which are purely strategic without any random element and VEmpire looks just like it. So I would like to join your team and contribute in completing it. Contact me.... Email: Or just PM me.
  7. Love your logo Gryff. I expected something like this. I wanted to mix the HTML5 element somewhere in the logo. That's exactly what you did. Awesome !
  8. Hello, I am also a beginner game developer. I have experience in game programming. I would love to collaborate so, PM me if you are still looking for a tem.
  9. The game is really awesome ! Never saw a more polished game on this forum. The graphics are pretty good, the UI feels amazing. Can't tell the Sound (played with mute sounds).
  10. I can help you with the game. I can build good quality 2d games. Contact me
  11. Hi, we are putting together a team to make some good quality games for publishing but we don't have any artists. If you would like to join us you can contact me
  12. Hey, that's a very nice website ! I will use it for my next project.
  13. The game is good. I think it would be better if you could add keyboard controls also.