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  1. A Contentupdate with fixes/changes, that the community requested, will be released this weekend!
  2. Hello Community, after 5 Months I have finally finished my game. Guardlands is a fast paced Dungeoncrawler with bullethell mechanics!! URL: Google Play There will be Contentupdates atleast twice a month! Features: • A lot of different handcrafted levels (more coming) put randomly together each time you enter the Dungeon! • 3 different Characters to unlock! • Currently 9 different monsters and 5 different traps! Of course, more will come! • 2 different bosses will await you, if you made it to the end! • Easy to learn - Hard to master! Perfect for on the go! • Retro Pixelart! I made it using Construct 2 and Crosswalk.