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  1. It turns out glslCanvas works wonderful. My mistake was setting up the uniforms before loading the shader. My bad.
  2. I don't follow you. How exactly? I have several fragment shaders I need to show up, something like in shadertoy. So far I've checked several small JS libraries which allows that, the one which fits the best is glslCanvas, but it looks like it has a but with custom uniforms. Babylon JS is very well maintained, optimized and compatible. If I can use it for it all my problems are solved. I tried to paint the GUI, but I don't see the way.
  3. Which is the best way to paint the canvas with an input Fragment shader using BABYLON? Not a mesh but directly the canvas itself. I could set up an ortographic camera and a plane in front of it, but that's... just bad. Thanks in advance
  4. We are looking for a babylon js freelance developer who can join our team by hours or projects as he/she wish. The goal is to code small-medium web app tools for an ecommerce site (less than 2000 lines of code) Typescript + clean structured code required, just working code is not the goal. Please PM with your $/hour and we will make a test. Thanks.
  5. So a few days back I asked for a 3D text plugin, but it seems we didn't have one yet. I made one that was pixel dependent, so I didn't like it. Yesterday I coded one which load fonts, using Opentype.js, and then creates the mesh. Attached an example. Next step is blending effect. Any ideas? Is there any blending mesh effect on BJS?
  6. Yes, there is. Take a look to BABYLON.Mesh.bakeCurrentTransformIntoVertices() This will commit the transform to the vertices and reset position, rotation and scaling. If you don't want to lose that info, you may want to study the code inside that function, make a clone and recover later the transform info...
  7. Yes, I solved it manually by reversing the transformations as you say, thanks. I just hope there is a cleaner way. What I can't through out my head yet is that baking affects them differently, It doesn't matter if they are cloning by value or reference (sharing resources), if both are affected, they may be affected the same way: I made another example removing everything except both spheres. The original red one with position.y += 1. If no baking, you will see only the blue one because they are overlapping: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3FDSO#2 Baking the clone, on
  8. Open the command line with cmd, go to the folder and run the exe file from there. This way you will keep the output http://prnt.sc/bv79l6
  9. So in my scene I have several meshes I want to export exactly as they are. My idea was to clone all of them, baking using bakeCurrentTransformIntoVertices() and later Serialize them The problem I'm facing is that when I apply bake function to the clones, originals are affected: No baking clone: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3FDSO#0 Baking: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3FDSO#1 Am I missing a parameter? Is there any other way to achieve the same effect?
  10. So I've been reading many or the related posts about 3D text in here, and I made a small implementation to show one idea and ask for opinions. Jerome showed some examples using a buffer to extrude a mesh. I took his idea and used the buffer to build ribbons. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1IPKCT#0 Different colors show different meshes, and there are several bugs yet I didn't solve. If you change the font's size more will show up. I apologize for the coding style, I'm not use to javascript and I was copy/pasting from my own Typescript implementation.
  11. There is a lot of documentation about how to export from different formats and platforms to babylon. I didn't find the reverse so far, and at this point I don't know if it's because there isn't or there are too many results from obj to babylon, so I can't find them. I want my App to be able to give me a full 3D freeze scene, like a screenshot, of the scene the users/players creates. For sure I can take all meshes from my scene, diving in the documentation and build my own obj file, but before reinventing the wheel I hope there is already a good library for this. Thanks for
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