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  1. Hi, I'm trying to build a Texture using PIXI.Spritesheet with manually loaded img and json. baseTexture = new PIXI.BaseTexture(img); pixiSpriteSheet = new PIXI.Spritesheet(baseTexture, json); pixiSpriteSheet.parse(() => { console.log("Parsed"); }); If i do this several times with different images I'm getting a warning message: "Texture added to the cache with an id [0] that already had an entry". After some investigations I've found that parsed textures are always adding to cache with frame idx as a key. Spritesheet.prototype._processFrames = function _processFrames(initialFrameIndex) { ... _.Texture.addToCache(this.textures[i], i); ... } Every time when parsing a new sprite sheet the cached textures will be overwritten by new with the same index. Looks like any texture must have a unique ID when caching but it doesn't... Is it a normal behaviour or am I doing something wrong? Is it possible to disable this warn message even if this is normal?
  2. The solution about .trim = true for some reason gives even more strong twitching... Btw thanks for suggestions! As said: "the reason is how PIXI does text" -- everything is clear, PIXI does text as it does. But seems like this behavior is incorrect and the issue about non even amounts should be corrected at PIXI, am I right? In other words: there is no option to set "right" alignment for TextField without side effects.
  3. Yes, some font families works fine, but most unfortunately not. Another note: this issue is happen bot on Canvas and WebGL renderers. Also I have try to implement the same animation on the simple canvas without PIXI and it works properly -- no twitching.
  4. I have just figured the this does not happen in Firefox...
  5. The "dancing" like on the gif preview below: left (red) zeroes moves left <-> right for a half pixel. Very strange you don't see it... Maybe some issue with font/browser/os. I use Ubuntu/Chromium.
  6. Hello, I have two TextFields. The first one is aligned right by setting anchor.x = 1. The second one is aligned left by default. There is a visual issue if text value of the RIGHT aligned TextField is changing on the different one with different width: the digits are "dancing" a little, while the LEFT aligned TextField stands. Here is the example: Don't know is it a bug at PIXI but I'll be much appreciated for any suggestion how to fix this issue.
  7. Hi! I'm wondering is it posible in PIXI to erase some area of Graphics object? Something similar to canvas clearRect() method.
  8. Thanks a lot! Now I see that in case of WebGL it works. But what about 2d context? "var tex = PIXI.Texture.fromCanvas(myCanvas);" Is this an only option?
  9. Hello! I have a trouble when scaling down big assets. I just have a stage contains some sprite and i'm doing: stage.scale.x = stage.scale.y = 0.2; As a result I have an ugly ragged image. I found a solutions for a simple canvas drawing without pixi from here Can I achive the same smooth effect after rescaling in PIXI?