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  1. yep, at first I've made 3D models in Blender, then put them in 2D sprites.
  2. Hello everybody! I would like to introduce my game 'The White Robot'. Actually it is standalone game for PC, but I decided to do demoversion for HTML5. You can find it here. So, it's a story about a white robot that destroys crowds of evil spirits. The evil spits, screams, rages, barks, strives to bite you and hurt you. All of them must be shot, guts and bloodshot gushes from them). Adventures occur against a background of different locations. This is the night forest in the moonlight, a storm in the desert, frost blizzards, musty marshes, burning forests, stuffy dungeons with flies and spiders, human cities that have fallen into decay and suffer from an excess of factory exhausts, and strange fire rive. If demo does not work in your browser, please, try another one.
  3. Wingnut, thanks for very interesting story) Now everybody knows how tutorials are written) So, about mouse. I can disable mouse and make panning from keyboard. Then assign shooting with left mouse button. I think it will be good to make mouse buttons for different actions, like shooting, alternative fire, panning, walking, running, zooming, changing weapon and so on.
  4. Well, Wingnut, thanks for supporting this issue and for the playground demo. So, here is what I have The 21 string had been added. But there is a problem. In Opera and Chrome this code works fine. In Firefox and MS Edge doesn't.
  5. Deltakosh, thanks for answer. I think I've found a solution. I've updated another class Tried to make it on playground, but some mistakes occured. After string var evt = p.event; wrote a condition only for the 2nd mouse button: var evt = p.event; if(evt.which == 2){ ... }
  6. max123, thanks for answering. But, I actually didn't find answer on the question - how to disable rotation camera at the left mouse button. The third link about camera inputs. There is mouse.detachControl() method, but it disables three mouse buttons, and I need only left one disabled. And other links about nothing. Or maybe I missed something?
  7. Hello! I'm trying to make 3rd person shooter game. Decided to use ArcRotateCamera, but left mouse button rotates the camera. I need only shoot without rotating. Is there any way to disable rotation? Sorry if such question already was, but searching gave nothing.
  8. smatt, thanks alot! This is exactly what I need
  9. Hi everyone! I'm curious to know about the FreeCameraMouseInput. I have tried to find something in Google, but it gives me only 5 answers: to the GitHub and to the Is there any tutorial or perhaps someone can write here how to work with it in few words? I've studied example, and there 'babylon.1.14-beta-debug.js' was used. So 'FreeCamera' class can lock the pointer and also rotate camera after the mouse. That is why author Julian Temechon said nothing about rotation. But in 'babylon.2.4.max.js' class 'FreeCamera' can't rotate camera. And 'FreeCameraMouseInput' can. So, that's why I'm interested in it. I don't know how to include it in my programm and how to work with it, different errors occur.
  10. yes, that was a reason. I've got the latest one. And now all is ok
  11. yep) that's great. but have you changed the source SpriteManager? I copypasted it and my program does not work. But anyway I know how to solve this problem, thanks alot
  12. Actually, i have done something. But this is not very good solution. Here what i've got. The next lines were replaced: 5: function SpriteManager(name, imgUrl, capacity, cellWidth, cellHeight, scene, epsilon, samplingMode) { 9: //this.cellSize = cellSize; 10: this.cellWidth = cellWidth; 11: this.cellHeight = cellHeight; 160: var rowSize = baseSize.width / this.cellWidth; 184: effect.setFloat2("textureInfos", this.cellWidth / baseSize.width, this.cellHeight / baseSize.height); And now we need to call SpriteManager in such way 331: var spriteManagerTrees = new BABYLON.SpriteManager("treesManager", "textures/palm.png", 2, 768, 1024, scene); in wich we set width and height of an image. But after this we have to change scale of the sprite and this is not good 339: tree.width = 3 * (768 / 1024); Wingnut, thanks alot for help)
  13. Well, Wingnut, it will be pleasure for me to look that code, but only for fun) It is rather difficult for me to make such serious things.
  14. yep, Wingnut, exatly) thanks for help, and thanks for welcoming, this forum is fine
  15. Deltakosh, thanks for answering. But you are talking about scaling. Let me try to explain. In playground scene the palm-sprite has size 800x800 px (11 line of code). And source image has size 768x1024 px. So half of trunk is cut. We can set size of sprite at 1024, but in my case it is bad idea, because other figure of warrior will shift. So, is there any way to make palm-sprite with height 1024 and width 768, equal to image size?