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    inteja reacted to Deltakosh in New forum   
    Hehehe! That's gonna be a cool discussion!
    After seeing this announcement from @rich (leader of Phaser project), I said to myself: "hey it could be cool to have a modern forum as well :)"
    So I pinged the cool guys at Discourse to see if they can offer to host us (still waiting for their answer).
    Data will NOT be migrated from here. This forum will move to read-only to keep track of all the information it holds but starting from when we moved it will not be used (a large clear message will be displayed to let people know that we moved)
    What do you think about moving there?
    From my point of view, moving to a new forum like Discourse will:
    - An integrated way to flag answers!!!!!!!!!!!
    - Better search engine
    - Better looking pages
    - No more pages!!!!!! Just a long thread
    - Smart notifications (I really love this one)
    - A mobile app!!
    - badges
    So what do you think?
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    inteja reacted to eldogg in "Offerlings" our Gamejam entry for Ludum Dare 43   
    Play "Offerlings" in your browser" 

    For the game jam Ludum Dare 43 we decided to try out BabylonJS. We knew we wanted to create 3D game and for it to run on the web and on mobile browsers. We'd previously created our own JS engines with THREE.js as the renderer, but the time constraints of the game jam (3 days) meant we wanted to an existing game engine. We looked at other game engines that had HTML5 exports (Unity, Godot, Unreal), but none of them really worked on mobile. We're really happy with using BabylonJS, the examples were great for learning how to add various features into our game. Looking forward to the AmmoJS plugin in version 4.0!

    Let us know what you think of the game, and if you spot any problems.

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    inteja reacted to trevordev in AmmoJS support   
    AmmoJS physics plugin has been added to Babylon preview. It should work well with composite meshes which we've had trouble with in the past with other engines. Let me know if you find any issues or have any feedback.
    Support for motors, soft bodies, other ammo specific features are not yet supported so yell if you need anything specific for your project.

    vid.mp4 Examples:
    Basic impostors:
    Loading mesh and colliders from file:
    Loading and adding colliders manually in Babylon:
    Loading and adding collider with joints and pointer interactions:
    WebVR grabbing and throwing:
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    inteja reacted to Deltakosh in Deltakosh out for 2 weeks   
    I'm back
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    inteja reacted to JohnK in Wikipedia   
    Back up and running again. Hope everything legit this time!
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    inteja reacted to kcoley in Babylon.js Team Blog   
    The Babylon.js dev team recently has been blogging about new features for Babylon.js on Medium.  Here is the link to the medium page.  We would love to get your feedback on the blog posts, any suggestions for new content, and are open to having guest blog posts from the community!
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    inteja reacted to FunFetched in Shell Shockers   
    Update: I'm using the full-on Babylon Null Engine on the server-side now to handle collision detection. The maps are divided into 3D grids, and every occupied cell contains a reference to an arrangement of one or more AABB or OBB bounding boxes for quick collision calculations, all loaded from a .babylon file exported from Blender. The game supports all sorts of map elements of all shapes now.
    Also, kudos to everyone who worked on Babylon v3.3. I'm making the transition now, and I'm seeing huge improvements in some key areas. A number of animation problems have disappeared. SPS mesh building is orders of magnitude faster than it was, which is great, because that's how I build the maps at run time. A number of other smaller items that I had clumsily patched up myself no longer need to be. Good stuff!
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    inteja got a reaction from bghgary in How this model is designed?   
    Take a look at and corresponding tutorial. 
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    inteja got a reaction from Sebavan in How this model is designed?   
    Take a look at and corresponding tutorial. 
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    inteja got a reaction from V!nc3r in How this model is designed?   
    Take a look at and corresponding tutorial. 
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    inteja reacted to JohnK in GUI ScrollViewer   
    ScrollViewer now available and enhanced by DK
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    inteja reacted to thrice in Introducing Dark Matter CCG   
    Hey all,
    So I'm finally starting to promote my babylon based project a bit now, that I have an actual site together at - The game itself isn't hosted there or anything (it will be a PC+Mac release), but I have been putting out a ton of playtest / demo sessions I've recorded on YT and posting on site (and will be throughout the next week). So anyways, if you're into digital CCGs or CCGs in general, you should def check it out as it's quite unique. I would also love any feedback, and am happy to answer any questions you might have!
    Also, should say thank you to anyone on these forums who has helped me in any way up to this point! I mean, these forums are seriously great, and filled with helpful people. (Should my project make it into the big leagues you can be sure I'll do a forum search and you can expect your name in the credits  )
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    inteja reacted to PatrickRyan in Suggestions about default loading logo   
    @V!nc3r I totally agree with you that the spin on the Babylon.js logo as it stand could be better. In that vein, we are in the middle of a complete rebranding effort for Babylon.js as a whole and the loading animation is obviously part of that work. We expect to launch it with the 4.0 release. That said, I did want to take a chance to lay out what we are using as guidelines for motion and the UX design principles behind them. 
    We need to have an indeterminate spinner for loading assets as we won't be able to know how long the assets will take to load. The challenge with indeterminate spinners is that whenever you have a noticeable loop in the animation (as in the animation has a pause before starting over or the logo builds up to completion and then disappears to build again) the user will subconsciously notice the loop and count it. If they notice the number of loops taking longer than normal, they will start building anxiety and likely click away. For an indeterminate spinner, you want pleasing motion that is almost hypnotic so that the user gets lost in appreciation of the motion and does not notice the time passed as easily. This may seem strange and manipulative, but most of UX design is about easing tensions and anxiety for the user to keep them engaged. We would like to use the spinner as a branding moment, but I am not convinced that means it needs to be the logo being manipulated. If you've noticed what Google has been doing with their branding moments in their various properties, their spinners are all about the google branded colors as dots. You get the tie back to the brand because of the colors, but they aren't in the position to need to manipulate their logo to do it. Most brands do not allow additional elements being added to their logo. There are clear guidelines for standoff of additional elements and for the most part changing the treatment of the logo is regulated by the standards guidelines. This is to maintain recognition of the identity with consumers and build trust. It has been shown in many cases where simply changing the packaging of a product can cause a drop in sales as the consumer distrusts that this is the same product they've always purchased. In some ways, brands have been beaten back into submission by consumers when they change their brand too much. A good example of this is when Coca-Cola tried to use New Coke as it's new brand to compete with Pepsi in the 1980s. Now what you see is a unification of branding, even within subsets of offerings. Even with Diet Coke having a different name, the logo is styled to feel like Coca-Cola to reinforce the overall brand. We have to design our motion around the limitations of CSS so that will be a forcing function for what the loading screen looks like. We want to reinforce the brand, but at the same time adhere to good design principles and be easily recognizable. This is most important when people who may not be familiar with Babylon.js run across a site that uses us as a viewer. We want them to become aware of the engine even if they aren't going to be building with it. It's the same idea as the launch of a video game where you see all the logos of the middleware or engines on screen or the start of a movie where you see all of the logos of the production houses that worked on it. Hopefully this gives you some insight into what we are planning. We agree with you that the current motion isn't a representation that we want to stick with and violates several of the points above. Let me know if you have more questions or want to discuss the design principles more.
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    inteja reacted to Deltakosh in Debugging physics with the inspector   
    I'm on fire ;D
    New video_Medium (2).mp4
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    inteja reacted to Deltakosh in Debugging GUI with the Inspector   
    Hey team!
    I wanted to share with you that the new inspector can be used to debug GUI. Here is a quick video demonstrating it:
    New video_Medium.mp4
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    inteja got a reaction from dude78 in I need to know more about Game development please   
    @Beny welcome to the community!
    1) Blender is popular, free, open-source and cross-platform software for creating 3D models and animations that can be imported into Babylon.js. It takes some learning and there's no getting around that but there are lots of great resources online to learn. For 2D "pixel art" sprites you can use Photoshop or The GIMP or Krita but Babylon.js is more of a 3D engine than a 2D engine although it does have support for 2D sprites.
    2) Any device or web browser that supports javascript and WebGL ... see Can I Use WebGL but performance will vary depending on the complexity of your game and the hardware that it's running on.
    3) Babylon.js is a 3D engine and doesn't explicitly handle things like multiplayer or game logic - you need to handle that stuff yourself and there's many options depending on your game's genre and desired gameplay etc. See Colyseus for one multiplayer option that works nicely with Bablylon.js
    4) Unity and Babylon.js are both good but are satisfying different niches IMO - Babylon.js excels at web-based 3D games and applications and because it's written in typescript/javascript it means you can seamlessly integrate with the plethora of other web-based frameworks and technologies that are out there e.g. Node.js, React, Angular, jQuery, HTML, CSS etc. If you're wanting to create standalone executables for PC, Mac and consoles then Unity might be a better choice although you can package up web applications like Babylon.js games for console also if you need to. For example, I'm working on a SaaS application that integrates Drupal CMS (PHP, MySQL), Babylon.js and Colyseus.js/Node.js - this would be much harder to do in Unity. In fact I wouldn't even attempt this in Unity.
    If you're new to this, regardless of the engine you choose, it's best to start off really small (think tic tac toe rather than MMO) and use placeholder or free assets while you're learning.
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    inteja reacted to JCPalmer in Blender 2.80 casualties   
    Just an update as to how the removal of game engine was resolved.  2 new custom properties were added to mesh.  This actually makes them easier to find, rather than switching renderer.  It always was kind of scavenger hunt. 
    Also, they used to be defined for a material, not a mesh.  There will be minor differences from before, limited to multi-material meshes only.  Before you could turn off culling on a sub-mesh level, but that will no longer be possible.  Doubt people are doing this though.
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    inteja reacted to Arte in Parametric cabinet   
    Hi Babylon Community,
    I decided to make a side project, this is a small part from Parametric Cabinet project.
    As I still working on Parametric cabinet project (transferring all code to NullEngine).
    Some projects made using  Parametric cabinet.

    Your opinion is important to me .
    Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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    inteja reacted to V!nc3r in From Blender to Babylon: lightmap workflow   
    english version available!
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    inteja reacted to trevordev in Showing lights physically   
    I'm not sure this is built in but here's a playground that does this I created a mesh and made the light a child of it, then created a pointer event such that when its clicked it changes the intensity.
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    inteja reacted to V!nc3r in Lamps on Babylon / Open Contest!   
    (english) tutorial soon available
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    inteja reacted to V!nc3r in From Blender to Babylon: lightmap workflow   
    Back to the Lamps on Babylon / Open Contest! forum thread, I've commited myself to write a tutorial about my lightmap workflow.
    Here the demo:

    And here the first published version of the tutorial... but in french, for now 😄
    I will soon make available an english version, don't worry.
    [edit] english version is out:
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    inteja got a reaction from Sebavan in SPS Optimization : Feedback Wanted   
    MacBook Pro 13" 2017 MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6, Intel Core i5 @ 2.3GHz, 8 GB
    Chrome 69.0.3497.100
    2K / 60 FPS / 60 FPS
    10K / 50 FPS / 60 FPS
    20K / 27 FPS / 47 FPS
    40K / 14 FPS / 24 FPS
    Firefox 62.0.2
    2K / 60 FPS / 60 FPS
    10K / 44 FPS / 40 FPS
    20K / 34 FPS / 30 FPS
    40K / 20 FPS / 18 FPS
    Note: Average stable frame rates but there were periodic dramatic (>10fps) dips in frame rate (both legacy and refactored)
    Safari 12.0
    2K / 60 FPS / 60 FPS
    10K / 50 FPS / 60 FPS
    20K / 30 FPS / 30 FPS
    40K / 20 FPS / 20 FPS
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    inteja got a reaction from jerome in SPS Optimization : Feedback Wanted   
    MacBook Pro 13" 2017 MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6, Intel Core i5 @ 2.3GHz, 8 GB
    Chrome 69.0.3497.100
    2K / 60 FPS / 60 FPS
    10K / 50 FPS / 60 FPS
    20K / 27 FPS / 47 FPS
    40K / 14 FPS / 24 FPS
    Firefox 62.0.2
    2K / 60 FPS / 60 FPS
    10K / 44 FPS / 40 FPS
    20K / 34 FPS / 30 FPS
    40K / 20 FPS / 18 FPS
    Note: Average stable frame rates but there were periodic dramatic (>10fps) dips in frame rate (both legacy and refactored)
    Safari 12.0
    2K / 60 FPS / 60 FPS
    10K / 50 FPS / 60 FPS
    20K / 30 FPS / 30 FPS
    40K / 20 FPS / 20 FPS
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    inteja reacted to Deltakosh in Babylon.js v3.3 is out!!!!   
    We did it guys!!!
    Let's share the love: 
    Feel free to retweet as much as you can!!!