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  3. But none of that happens in
  4. See example:
  5. They could be set that way but AFAIK there is no easy way to use them for compiling Phaser.
  7. Make sure the source rectangle is fully within the source image.
  8., this.items, collect, null, this);
  9. // update() var cam = this.cameras.main; cam.setZoom(Phaser.Math.Clamp(cam.zoom, 0.2, 5));
  10. It is sad but it was removed because it wasn't working in all cases, and it will be replaced by a feature in the upcoming ScaleManager. I think it was intended as an experimental feature, it just wasn't labelled that way. You can emulate it pretty easily:
  11. Which lab example? Probably you can stop or sleep the first scene.
  12. You have to avoid the Phaser 2 examples, they won't work and will confuse you. etc. will be better help. var monsters =; monsters.addMultiple(map.createFromObjects( 'Monsters', 'blob', { key: 'monster' }, )); monsters.getChildren().forEach(function (enemy) { // You need to use the `body` methods because these are Sprites (not ArcadeSprites) enemy.body.setBounceX(1); enemy.body.setCollideWorldBounds(true); enemy.body.velocity.x = 40; }, this);