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  1. I would like to know too. I invoke a expert phaser programmer. ^-^
  2. oh! It's so simple. It's working ok. You are great samme. Thank you very much.
  3. Hello everybody, I'm a newbie in phaser, but I love it. ^^ I have a skeleton of app and I have a bitmapfont created with littera. ( I show one word every 100ms in my bitmapText in function update(). Could I know the coordinates of last letter in a bitmapText? If I know the coordinate, then I will draw a 'hand' (sprite) in that location. I was searching examples in internet, but I didn't found anything. Is it possible? Or, Do you imagine any alternative for his? Sorry, If my question is very simple. Thanks.
  4. OMG. The mistery has a solution. ¡It was my fault! The scope of variables were in bad place. :-< Anyway, the behavior is strange because the "sprite variable" was in the same place "text variable", and sprite was working and text not. Sorry, I'm newbie. I love this framework. It's absolutely great!! Thanks you.
  5. Neither... this.text.destroy(); It's the mistery of Bitmaptext. Are they impossible to hide? Maybe, someone will illuminate our dark path. ^^
  6. I try too...; It doesn't work. ;-<
  7. Thank you SamTheMighty. I tested your propossal, but It's not working, Text is pemanently in the same position. I don't understand it. Sprites are working very well for me, they show or not when I write it, but text.. :-< Thanks.
  8. Hello, and text? Alpha or visible properties are not working for me with text. Create method: this.text =, 60, 'gosmick','Hello Word', 112); //It's fine. Text shows. ../.. Update method: this.text.alpha = 0; //It's not working this.text.visible = false; //It's not working And the text still shows in screen. ¿? ¿? ¿? Thanks for your help.
  9. ¡Oh! I don't believe it, now, It's working. Thank you Tom Atom.
  10. At first, you are great. This is the ultimate bubble speech. Thank you so much. I have a little question. If I want to hid the bubble and I want to show another bubble (the first bubble is hidden and I only show the second bubble). Could I hid the first bubble? How can I do it? Thank you. Fo example: (sorry, I am a beginner con prototype) var bub = new SpeechBubble(game, 500, 200, 256, "Hello World!!"); var bubble =; bub.visible = false; //to hid... bub.dispose(); //or to destroy. var bub2 = new SpeechBubble(game, 500, 200, 256, "Nice to see you!"); var bubble2 =;
  11. I have the same problem. Intellisense is not working with Visual Studio 2015 and Phaser version is 2.6.1. It's not loading correctly function names. Anyone could help us? thank you so much.