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  1. Hello @tips4design, A virtual console which is a dashboard website that can show and load games, a client website that can show and load the client side of a game (buttons or inputs for the client to press that control the game) and an API that handles the communication between players and the game screen. Pretty much like www.airconsole.com (for comparison).
  2. Hello everyone. As I said before on this forum, I am working on a HTML5 Gaming console + API. The feature set that I have in place at the moment is a library for clients and the game. Next to that I have created a dashboard for the console in which games can be selected. The game-view is then loaded into the dashboard window. I also created a client to control the console dashboard (users can open this client on their phone). If a game is selected, the game player view is loaded into the client. The setup uses sockets and emitters to send events from and to the game and clients. I also ha
  3. Great games! Good animations and visualizations on both. Could you tell me what frameworks you used (e.g. Phaser)?
  4. It has been way too long since I gave you guys an update on this project. I was focusing on other projects and did not have the time to progress with this one. Luckily I found some time last week to work on it. I changed the course of this project a bit since last time I wrote my plans for this project. The current state of the project is the following: I built a website which functions as a "browser console" which shows a list of games to choose from. Next to that I build a controller website which functions as a controller to let the user control the site (pretty much like an xbox dashboard
  5. I guess that most people do play certain games on certain devices. I myself like to play puzzle games but only on mobile when I am commuting. However I play RPG or other games on a console or desktop when I am at home. Take that into account when deciding upon this but it heavily depends on your game. About services, google and facebook score API's serve well. If you want to have a bit more flexibility you could take a look at firebase (also for multiplayer games). https://firebase.google.com/docs/auth/. They also provide anonymous users (https://firebase.google.com/docs/auth/web/anonymous-aut
  6. I am not working on a specific game but a HTML 5 couch gaming API. Would it also be possible for me to join or are you only looking for game devs?
  7. Seems like an interesting engine, although very similar to for example Unity. What would be the uniqueness of this platform compared to other game engines?
  8. You might want to check out digital ocean too (www.digitalocean.com). They offer, next to an easy installation and proper uptime, great support and tutorials. For example: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-express-a-node-js-framework-and-set-up-socket-io-on-a-vps (the tutorial also applies to other hosting providers).
  9. I played it for a few minutes. Nice concept and I like the (somewhat simple) graphics! I would say that this one is very suitable for mobile, I could see myself playing this on my mobile device while commuting .
  10. I just checked out your soundcloud. You've got some very good clips on there! Also the videos you posted here have marvelous sounds. I do not have a project in mind at the moment but I will definitely keep you in mind when I have a new project :).
  11. Perhaps you can take a look at Next Land (a game which has been posted in the showcase part of this forum recently). He/she uses OSM (Open Street Map)-data and Three.js to visualize a real map in 3D. (http://demo.next.land/). About your concept. Would it be multiplayer? What would the scope of the project be? After all, you cannot recreate every "event". Could you make it a bit more explicit? To me, it seems like a version of non-firstperson GTA using real-world map data.
  12. I suppose that typescript might be a bit overwhelming at first but definitely pick it up if you are confident enough. I would start, as other people pointed out, with JavaScript then dive into theory about the single page apps concept which is also used in many games (one index and routing/state-management being handled using javascript). This might be a bit confusing in the beginning for a website dev. If you've covered that then I would look into build systems, like gulp, grunt or webpack. This to see how you can manage dependencies et cetera. If you also want to do some server-related progr
  13. @jkohler thank you for checking it out. I am now working on a rewrite of the socket connection using a plain websockets implementation instead of socket.io to improve performance. Next to that I created a basic quiz game (https://github.com/bdekk/xentha/tree/master/api/public/quiz). Stay tuned! :).
  14. Hello malinscky, I guess that most respectable web development companies can create a custom flower shop website (most web dev companies work with PHP, MySQL and HTML which are suitable for this). However I would suggest you to first take a look at sites that provide white-labeled webshops. A good one is shopify. Very easy to set up and start focussing on your business right away. These sites might become costly after a while but give you at least the chance to see if the concept, that your sister has in mind, works. If it does you can always go for custom build.
  15. Thank you for the given answers. @b10b You are right. I guess that the concept has some potential but it needs to be easy accessible and aimed at certain genres / type of games that suit well to the idea of "friends gaming together". I am thinking of quizzes / card / board games as a replacement of physical board games. I guess this will also be my take for the project as I cannot compete alone (as long as I am the only one contributing) with platforms like airconsole which have funding and try to target all kind of html5 games.
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