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  1. 1) When you say interface I assuming you're asking about IDEs/Game Engines? I don't have one at the moment but I do use the Phaser library! 2) I'd probably say RPG Maker. I've never used it but if I recall it's HTML5 now and if it's anything like it used to be in the early 2000s it's by far the easiest to create HTML5 games with. The trade off is less flexibility! 3) Yes, any HTML5 game can have user input text, these games are on web pages after all! It's a matter of what kind of game you have, why users need to input text, and the risks associated with a particle method of your choi
  2. Collect the falling books and rack the highest combos as you can to achieve the best score! Watch out for fireballs! A community made game using Phaser 2! Link: https://tinyurl.com/y37jpqua Features: Global Leaderboard, Discord Authentication, Touch Controls, Keyboard Controls Our Discord: https://discord.gg/DfxF3HPKqQ
  3. @Nesh108 @Janjua @piobug @Luminous Wizard @Arcanorum Hi! Sorry for the super late response! I had worked on this around the same I post this forum but discontinued not too long after. I'll be doing it again but with Spine in mind. It seems to me the way you model the customizable parts is by far the most important aspect of designing a system so I'll be building this again with assets created (or animated) with Spine. As far as the bit that I'd done, you can see an example and repository below, I'm certainly up to discuss more details if anyone is curious about anything. This example
  4. I have this idea for creating a character customization system. The system would be implemented as follows. 1) Organize a base template sprite sheet with character components arranged in a composition for future compositing. Example: Lets assume a full body template for a characters design is 125 by 125 consisting of head, body, and leg components. The head component of the character would use 25 pixels and would be isolated on separate parts of the sprite sheet that occupies the respective pixels while the rest of the 100/125 pixels are blank. The same would be done for the
  5. The timer makes it surprisingly addictive. I'm always fascinated by the impact of simple mechanics towards the fun factor of a game. Leader boards for this game would certainly be grand. The timer goes too fast. However not in a "this is too hard" or unfair context, but more of a "I want to continue my current game even longer" sort of context. I'd suggest adjusting the timer in a sense that will sustain the challenge but allow players to rack up an even higher score. Perhaps this can be achieved with a faster timer but higher time increase per word found. That little sense of accompl
  6. I plan to learn nodejs eventually (i use the terminal to run simple scripts which is probably trivial), but I wish to learn Flask 1st because I really love Python and my capacity to learn is greater (or more efficient rather) when I'm enthusiastic about something. With that said I'm looking for the best learning experience rather than the most simple. Thanks for the link, I'll try to run that later today! Thank you so much for all the quality advice! This is certainly something I'll come to back to refer to. I was worried about aiming for something a little too complica
  7. Hey everyone, I spectate these forums all of the time so this a very late intro. I'm very excited to begin making games with Phaser but since I'm new to Web Development technologies (especially the backend) I'm certainly in need of some direction. I have a few beginner questions so please excuse my rudimentary knowledge of Web Dev. Aside from learning Phaser I'm picking up Flask to develop knowledge of the backend, that also means learning template rendering. I'm struggling with Hello Phaser, and I believe it has something to do with the distinction of loading Phaser assets and loading
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