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  1. @TickleMeElmo thanks for reply. It helped me and confirmed the idea what I has. This is my solution (I know it's not the best but maybe it will help for someone else): All the ropes I put in an array (as a single object), and the monkey is a separate object. By default I'm grouping the first rope with the monkey and they are swinging together. Now when I want to jump, somehow I have to take out the monkey from the group. The only solution for this what I found is to get the position of the monkey when the jump is clicked. Then I kill() the monkey object and make the jump animation. If ov
  2. Hello. I'm working on a "jungle jump" phaser game and got stucked with it. The use case is very easy: there are some swinging ropes on the top of the screen (they are moving separately with a constant speed), and there is a "Monkey" which jump from one rope on other. When he fail the jump, falling down and waste a life. I found a way how can I generate and move the ropes. But I can't figure out how can move together the monkey and the rope and how can jump from one moving rope on other. Any code example would be helpful, or if have additional question feel free to ask. I found
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