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  1. I have this code to add a rectangle in phaser and works fine but it fills with a solid color and i want some transparency in my poly. Is that possible? poly = new Phaser.Polygon(p_1, p_2, p_3, p_4); graphics = game.add.graphics(0, 0); graphics.beginFill(0xFF33ff); graphics.drawPolygon(poly.points); graphics.endFill();
  2. Thanks SamTheMighty it works with a small changes
  3. Hello, what i try to do is that my user will be able to draw on the game a figure, such as a rectangle, then I use the coordinates of the rectangle that he draw and when some sprite enter to that area send a message. How can i make that my user whit the mouse can draw over the game?
  4. How can i control the initilization of the game, i know that the first that phaser do is the preload function but i want to execute some Js code and till that part is finished start the game. Help please
  5. So, i made this game and when i try to add to this web there's a black board over my game. What can i do? There's a pic of my problem: Before on this black thing was the phaser's logo, until I delete phaser.png I think this square is created when import the phaser.min.js file
  6. I want to remove my post. Solved using: function updateA() { groundobjects.callAll('kill'); }
  7. So, when i tried to remove from my my group "groundobjects" works fine only the first time. I will use a database to conect and get coordinates, there's no problem in that. I add the object to the group and with a timer i remove and add other. The first time works fine, then, when i add other sprite in this case with random positions the other are not removed. What im doing wrong? Ah im using a zoom function that i find in this forum Let my code... <script type="text/javascript"> var x = "<?php echo $_SESSION['coord_x']; ?>"; ses
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