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  1. Thank you @Mazoku This is also a good solution We have validated work with developper Yesterday with screenshare for example #solution_mode
  2. Hi guys, first of all we had a misunderstanding between Genieee and us. We asked to test him for the development of a game with our technology (no art work) He wanted money before the work was done We've also proposed solutions to mitigate, he has proposed nothing.
  3. We are a mobile editor in the creation of automotive tools, as part of our expansion we are looking for Phaser developers, to help with brand new casuals game and to build projects as a full time job and to boost our team. For this specifical role we need someone who is used to keeping a clean code-base. You'll understand the need to maintain tidy commented code, exposing and designing a sensible API, and use GIT methodology Availability and communication is key, this sort of work doesn't lend itself well to part-time freelancers I'm afraid (i.e. those just working evenings),
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