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  1. i design my own game protocol based on websocket.
  2. Ah I see. Thank you for that. I thought update() will clear the texture before I redraw. What happens in the update() method?
  3. Hi thanks I have also tried that method but it is updating the baseTexture and the result is weird. See my demo for the code I commented out.
  4. It seems the `Sprite` in PIXI only supports static texture. What if I have such a sprite which is originated from a canvas element with radialgradient color, and I want the radius of the gradient change continuously based on current time? Say like a bubble from small to big and then small again. Something like that. Can I use sprite for that purpose?
  5. @themoonrat Thanks I originally designed it in Canvas mode. That's why it's full of canvas tricks. But then I realise using Canvas gives very bad performance in my game so I lifted the restriction of webGL. I asked this a few months ago in this forum too. I have tried pixi-inspector before I remember it didn't work for pixi v4? Maybe I have used the wrong version. Now I can see some useful stuff with the tool. Thanks for pointing it out. Good question about why I have to generate the assets in game. I have researched slither.io source files but I can't find any assets that produce
  6. @themoonrat Thanks I will follow the list and try them out. I am interested at the idea of supplying lower resolution assets on lesser quality devices. Thank you for answering my "secret question" that is hiding in my original question. But then I look at my game and I don't know where to start because the graphics are all created dynamically at runtime. I can't think of any way producing lesser quality than simply drawing some shape on the stage which I am already doing. Unless I draw some colourful thick curvy lines on the screen like that of slither.io, but the curvy line needs to move
  7. If you have ever played slither.io you know what I mean. When playing on desktop the game will have better graphics quality but on a mobile browser it will fall back to coarse graphics and everything just looks much smaller. How can I do that in PIXI.js? It won't change automatically in PIXI.js, I probably need a condition check. What is the best way to detect a mobile browser and a desktop browser in PIXI.js? I want to implement this in my game.
  8. The market is saturated for incompetent games or games that are too easy to copy, it's always like this. You are right though for technology is getting the second chance because new ideas and new ways of playing browser game emerge these years. I think those who build the top-notch games can still have opportunities and thrive. A lot of serious efforts need to be put into the game before it becomes viral. I agree that this is not an easy route.
  9. Because everyone can play. There is no lock-in. You can just leave it if you have something important to do and nothing loses. You can even play it on a train or in the bus to kill time. It's better than playing single player games but less stressful than playing AAA mobile MMO games.
  10. Oh thank you for the information. I have only used Java before but only for business logic stuff so I have never touched the multithreading thing. To be proficient enough to write a backend with Java is a long way to go :(. Backend is hard, but to be proficient in both backend and frontend is incredibly harder. Thank God there is PIXI to aid the development of frontend.
  11. Hey you guys seem to be talking about some pretty cool thing. What is it like using pixi with react or angular? Can anyone show me an example please? I don't know how that work out. I am familiar with a single canvas on a single page. But I never know how the combination of framework work.
  12. I agree with you. I have first hand experience and I can see how painful the realistic is. I wholeheartedly support your demand.
  13. Wow those figures are pretty. I can't even ping google.com and html5gamedevs.com but I can still access the sites. Not sure what is wrong. But I think having a global CDN helps a lot.
  14. A slither.io clone here ! My game doesn't have a fancy title, I just want to make it look like slither.io as much as possible. When it's done I want to add more custom stuff. Hope you guys enjoy it. Link here: http://tss.fun special thanks to @ivan.popelyshev, who wrote some wonderful plugins that I can use to produce this game. Also I wonder what backend language other programers use for their MMO game?
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