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    Learning to draw

    Depends on what kind of art, pixel art require skills, I too am a developer and suck at drawing, thats why I think its easier to keep art simple at the beginning, I usually just draw polygons instead, its easier to manage and easier to fix. I have created a 2D vector graphic editor myself, find it very simple to draw stuff like ships and so on, you can visit the link at you can see my post here at
  2. I was thinking of a space combat game where you can design your own ship and give it an order (in form of AI) and put it up online so it can combat other players ship. (using Phaser) Its in really early stage, all I did for now is a graphic editor for create ingame graphics (2D vector graphics) as following Data saved as following (you can copy the string and load in the editor) {"metadata":{"id":"60884e90-0452-2ab4-4f9a-f137c5059ff7","name":"DefaultCruiser","description":"Default Cruiser","type":"1"},"shape":[{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":21,"y":0},{"x":12,"y":4},{"x":6,"y":13},{"x":8,"y":24},{"x":17,"y":31},{"x":21,"y":31}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":21,"y":0},{"x":30,"y":4},{"x":36,"y":13},{"x":34,"y":24},{"x":25,"y":31},{"x":21,"y":31}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":19,"y":31},{"x":19,"y":53},{"x":23,"y":53},{"x":23,"y":31}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":19,"y":34},{"x":17,"y":39},{"x":17,"y":49},{"x":19,"y":53}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":23,"y":34},{"x":25,"y":39},{"x":25,"y":49},{"x":23,"y":53}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":17,"y":41},{"x":5,"y":46},{"x":5,"y":50},{"x":17,"y":45}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":25,"y":41},{"x":37,"y":46},{"x":37,"y":50},{"x":25,"y":45}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":2,"y":36},{"x":4,"y":36},{"x":5,"y":39},{"x":5,"y":56},{"x":4,"y":58},{"x":2,"y":58},{"x":1,"y":56},{"x":1,"y":39}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":38,"y":36},{"x":40,"y":36},{"x":41,"y":39},{"x":41,"y":56},{"x":40,"y":58},{"x":38,"y":58},{"x":37,"y":56},{"x":37,"y":39}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":41,"y":39},{"x":42,"y":41},{"x":42,"y":54},{"x":41,"y":56}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":1,"y":39},{"x":0,"y":41},{"x":0,"y":54},{"x":1,"y":56}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":5,"y":39},{"x":6,"y":41},{"x":6,"y":54},{"x":5,"y":56}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":37,"y":39},{"x":36,"y":41},{"x":36,"y":54},{"x":37,"y":56}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":17,"y":49},{"x":19,"y":55},{"x":20,"y":56},{"x":22,"y":56},{"x":23,"y":55},{"x":25,"y":49},{"x":23,"y":53},{"x":19,"y":53}]},{"color":"#000066","polygon":[{"x":12,"y":6},{"x":21,"y":1},{"x":30,"y":6},{"x":31,"y":8},{"x":21,"y":2},{"x":11,"y":8}]},{"color":"#000066","polygon":[{"x":19,"y":37},{"x":18,"y":39},{"x":18,"y":49},{"x":20,"y":52},{"x":22,"y":52},{"x":24,"y":49},{"x":24,"y":39},{"x":23,"y":37}]},{"color":"#9c9cc4","polygon":[{"x":20,"y":38},{"x":19,"y":39},{"x":19,"y":49},{"x":20,"y":51},{"x":22,"y":51},{"x":23,"y":49},{"x":23,"y":39},{"x":22,"y":38}]},{"color":"#a9a99c","polygon":[{"x":11,"y":8},{"x":9,"y":10},{"x":9,"y":11},{"x":20,"y":4},{"x":22,"y":4},{"x":33,"y":11},{"x":33,"y":10},{"x":31,"y":8},{"x":21,"y":2}]},{"color":"#a9a99c","polygon":[{"x":8,"y":13},{"x":10,"y":24},{"x":14,"y":27},{"x":11,"y":12}]},{"color":"#a9a99c","polygon":[{"x":34,"y":13},{"x":32,"y":24},{"x":28,"y":27},{"x":31,"y":12}]},{"color":"#a9a99c","polygon":[{"x":14,"y":22},{"x":15,"y":28},{"x":18,"y":30},{"x":25,"y":30},{"x":27,"y":28},{"x":28,"y":22},{"x":26,"y":25},{"x":23,"y":28},{"x":19,"y":28},{"x":16,"y":25}]}]} You can visit the link at and try the editor out, it can save a json string of the vertexes and color. If anyone find its interesting and make some images, please post it here with the saved json and image
  3. If you want to utilize html components as control, ionic is a good choice, I have some test with ionic menu system with phaser canvas and some outside button controls, it works well, but the performance may not be as good as you want it to be, as for backend, I think as for realtime communication, socket will be good otherwise no matter what you are using, as long you have a clean api you can call (some well defined reshape for backend functionality) Here I have some test code with phaser integrated with angular(i have a ionic version of it, mostly the something how to integrate control together)
  4. @bulisor Looks great! I will look more into it, thank you.
  5. more or less I want it as a beam weapon effect, with a starting point and a targeting point, that have an animation that looks like a lightning.
  6. it didn't work when I utilize web view via cordova, so there must be some compatibility issues, if go through browser it seems to be fine.
  7. ok, it seem the problem is related to ionic framework. I tried to create engine inside a ionic scope, probably something went wrong there. pure babylonjs script worked fine.
  8. Could be the problem that I tried to integrate babylonjs with ionic framework for mobile devices. I should run some pure test and see.
  9. Thank All!! For all the wonderfull tips. I just have some consideration, if I need lightning in a game, I probably for performance using a texture with lightning sprite? The particle really looks cool, but is is difficult to like set emitter and target to draw the lightning
  10. Hello have anyone did any lightning effect in bbabylonjs? such as lightning beam, chain lightning etc, can someone give me a push in the direction?
  11. Anyone know anything about this, I just couldn't get the debugged to work.
  12. BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh not working on mobile devices with no manifest file. babylon version 2.4 from row 3492, after first load manifest with timestamp failed, it initialize another attempt to load manifest without timestamp, but this call will never trigger the error event, thus noManifestFile is never called. TEsted on iOS simulator and real iOS device, not working. If I stopped attempt to load the manifest file and call noManifestFile directly, mesh is loaded correctly.
  13. @NasimiAsl its a nice tool, but I try to understand the magic behind it, could you give a native shader of the thing you just did with the scanner?
  14. I try to turn on debugLayer but nothing is show, and no error in the javascript console. I only have one camera;