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  1. Thanks for the tips. The closest I could get was just using an interactive area ontop of a graphic fill but yea Ill probably just make a sprite.
  2. You can find input documentation here. https://labs.phaser.io/index.html?dir=input/&q=Input Try not to post your questions in the Demos and Projects area next time. :]
  3. Hello! Looking for a way to draw a clickable rectangle on canvas. Ive found 2 other post on this subject, One of which has no awnser and the other awnser is for phaser 2. I tried to take the phaser 2 example and find the phaser 3 example on https://labs.phaser.io/ Any help is greatly appreciated. :]
  4. Im attempting a similar project. We should work together.
  5. Yep. I'm having the same problem. Nice profile pic by the way.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Was walking the dog. then had to beat my brother in DOA. but yea the rest of the site loads just fine. Only the examples dont load up for me.
  7. Im trying to get the the phaser examples but I keep getting the Whoops, looks like something went wrong. screen. Is this just me or is this happening to everyone else too?
  8. @Clem Neat feature that is. I did find the tile map example. The phaser examples have helped a great deal.
  9. Yea. I have seen the Zenva mini tutorials. Udemy looks like it has some really good ones too. I simply dont have the money to pay for the lessons. Im progressing, albeit slowly. It feels like the only way Im going to speed up the process is too spend money I dont have. Thats quite a dis-heartening feeling. Im going to keep trying and keep progressing simply because this is what I want to do. Im not expecting to built triple A games with phaser, nor am I expecting it all to come easy on the first go. Its just difficult when things dont work out the way its suppose too when reading through a tutorial. Its not like I can look at another one teaching the same thing. Luckily where the tutorials dont work, phaser examples really shine.
  10. I was actually refering more to video tutorials. I have went through the written tutorials but going about it that way dosnt do anything for me. I just started learning phaser about a week ago so I have not signed up for the newsletter. Currently im trying to build a platformer that uses tiled. I have already managed a simple pong game. What im trying to say is. Why arnt there any quality video tutorials for beginners. You would think with such a huge following, there would be more than 2-3 people putting out content for phaser.
  11. Why are there so few phaser related tutorials. Very hard to find free online teaching in regards to phaser.
  12. Worked just fine for me. Quite entertaining lol. Shooting down spam.. literally.
  13. PurpleRed


    that was fun. Works just fine on iphone 5c. Maybe some hazards here and there? Was a bit easy. Otherwise. Good job. I'm working on a maze generater using phaser right this moment. Nice too see someone else accomplished the same feat.
  14. That was some great fun. Everything feels so well balanced. Will certainly continue to play. What a game. IGN 9.93/10