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  1. Hey Maria, I didn't get a PM from you, feel free to email me though
  2. Thanks for all of the applicants so far, I've had a lot of emails, I'll try to get back to everyone within the next couple weeks
  3. Thanks for your email! I'll be going over all applicants this weekend!
  4. Hello, We are looking for a remote content manager for Lagged.com. Your responsibilities would include: Adding our API and branding to games (Construct 3) Uploading games to the website (writing descriptions and instructions) Testing API implementation Testing games cross device, cross platform Reporting bugs If you're interested please send me an email at dab@lagged.com with examples of your work and your hourly rate Thanks! Dom
  5. Would like to showcase our new game Royalz.io. Royalz was made with pixi.js, node.js and socket.io. Try to be the sole survival in this action packed 2d battle royale game. Collect armor, food and ammo as you try to take down the other players. Play here: https://lagged.com/io/royalz
  6. Nice game! It's been on lagged for a while: https://lagged.com/en/g/99-balls
  7. Thanks, I'll look into that issue
  8. Game should work on FireFox, let me know if that issue continues. Depends on the type of game you're trying to make, React is great for multiplayer games and can speed up development time.
  9. Another multiplayer game! DrawThis 2 brings a new look and new features to the Draw and Guess genre. Play for achievements, create a private room, or play one of the two single player modes. Game uses React.js on the client end and the servers use Node.js. Play now: https://lagged.com/io/drawthis2 or https://drawthis2.io/
  10. Hey everyone! We are looking to add more multiplayer games to lagged.com! We're interested in custom games (contract based) and licensing already existing games (implementing our API). If you've already developed a multiplayer game or interested in working with us, send me a message! Examples of our multiplayer games: https://lagged.com/io/rackem https://lagged.com/io/freethrow https://lagged.com/io/drawthis Thanks! Dom Bruno
  11. FreeThrow.io is a new multiplayer game where you must try to out hoop your opponent in 60 seconds! Simply swipe to throw the ball into the air. Get 5 in a row to unlock the multiplier bonus. Game uses React.js on the client side and Node.js on the server side. Play for free: https://lagged.com/io/freethrow
  12. dabontv


    Rack'Em is an online multiplayer 8 ball pool game created with React.js, Three.js and Node.js Sink all of your balls before your opponent to win the game. Play here: http://lagged.com/io/rackem
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