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  1. When I change the code to use Canvas Rendering it solves the problems on both devices. But the FPS suffers.
  2. I have a game up at http://frickinzombies.io/single.php The game plays well on a desktop PC in either Chrome or Firefox and the sprites and background scrolling works as expected. But I have two Samsung devices that have two different issues. On each device I'm testing in the Chrome browser On my cheap Samsung J1 Ace Phone. Some of the blood splatter sprites flash black when they should be red. Also the smoke grenade particles also appear black when they should be orange. The TilingSprite grassy background displays properly. On my older Galaxy Tab 4 (about 3 years old) All
  3. Yes. This seems to be what I need. I wont be able to try it until later on today. I'll reply if I still can't get it to work. Thanks again.
  4. I would like to create an array of colors in my shader code. What is the correct way to do this. Apparently you can't code this directly into the shader, but doing it via uniforms is supposed to work. The following code I have returns this error message in the console: Pixi.js Shader Warning: Unknown uniform type: undefined This is my shader code: precision mediump float; uniform vec3 cols[127]; uniform float screenHeight; uniform float screenWidth; void main(){ //Not implemented yet gl_FragColor =vec4(1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0); } And my JS code which is supposed to set up th
  5. I was trying to avoid loading in files of basic geometric shapes. However I can see the benefit of doing this now. A shader for this purpose would have been overkill. I am still trying to learn to use a shader for another aspect of this game. I will post a new question shortly. Cheers.
  6. This week I've been rewriting some code to use pixi.js . In my game I have a smoke grenade. The smoke particles were drawn with circles with PIXI.Graphics(); . On each frame, I could be drawing from up to 1000 of these or other kinds of circles for things like explosions. I read that PIXI.Graphics() should not be used for this purpose as the game becomes very slow if there are too many particles to render. Further reading suggested I write my own shader. I would like some help with writing a shader as I have no experience with this kind of code as yet. Here is what I have so far My Smoke
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