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  1. Engine.prototype.unbindInstanceAttributes = function () { var boundBuffer; for (var i = 0, ul = this._currentInstanceLocations.length; i < ul; i++) { var instancesBuffer = this._currentInstanceBuffers[i]; if (boundBuffer != instancesBuffer && instancesBuffer.references) { boundBuffer = instancesBuffer; this.bindArrayBuffer(instancesBuffer); } var offsetLocation = this._currentInstanceLocations[i]; this._caps.instancedArrays.vertexAttribDivisorANGLE(offsetLocation, 0); } this._currentInstanceBuffers.length = 0; this._currentInstanceLocations.length = 0; }; The webglBuffer is already deleted,but when call function unbindInstanceAttributes , I add one condition "instancesBuffer.references", is OK? @Deltakosh @RaananW
  2. Thanks, no use answer. The box is my UI mesh ,I want it static, so it's layermask is the UICamera's layermask.
  3. there is sample
  4. wrong animation ,some skeleton node not play right what look in 3DMax tool.
  5. In zip file anim_xinfeng.babylon, the Skeleton animation local position is't right, I cut two picture,please look.
  6. There is some issue when export 3DMax format file to .babylon. blow is my 3DMax file.
  7. Yes, I use this unity5 tool to export, but in my update file, ".FBX" formate file can't export it's Skeletons.
  8. environment: Unity 5.3.4f1 (64-bit) system: win7 X64 I want to export the unity3d component "Animation", in this component contain a skeletion anim. below is my unity3d package.
  9. when I export scene which some bones, but when I loaded in my program,the mesh has skeleton, but the animations is Empty! So ,I can't play the Skeleton. Please help me find what's wrong?