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  1. You can add an onInputUp event to a button and define a callback in there. So something like this would work: var attackButton = new SlickUI.Element.Button(0, 0, 140, 45); var panel = new SlickUI.Element.Panel(0, game.height - 96, 512, 96); slickUI.add(this.panel); panel.add(attackButton); panel.add(runButton); attackButton.add(new SlickUI.Element.Text(0,0, "Attack")).center(); attackButton.events.onInputUp.add(function () { console.log('You clicked attack.'); }, this); But in your code, I see you're using a callback that calls buttonFunction and passes the count variable as an argument, which is a mutable variable. So in every iteration, the count variable changes, making the button do something else. In your situation, you could create an array of callbacks indexed by their corresponding count keys and reference those: var inventory = ['socks','pants','bible','dog food']; var buttonFunctions = [ function() { console.log('Some warm socks'); }, function() { console.log('Some cool pants'); }, function() { console.log('A holy Bible'); }, function() { console.log('Delicious dog food'); } ]; for (var item in inventory) { panel.add(button[item] = new SlickUI.Element.Button(0,100+item*50, 140, 40)); button[item].add(new SlickUI.Element.Text(0,0, inventory[item])).center(); button[item].events.onInputUp.add(buttonFunctions[item]); } I didn't test the code above, but it should give an indication on how to approach your problem.
  2. Just added the get/set shortcuts mentioned before. Probably not going to add more of these to existing components unless it's absolutely necessary. Pushed the latest patch to version 0.1.2. Setters such as element.x, *.y, *.alpha, *.visible etc. have been linked to the descending component's properties.
  3. @stupot Good point. I'll keep that in mind for future releases. Would probably be best to implement some kind of setter logic. Though if it gets too heavy, I'll have to pass on adding too many shortcuts.
  4. If you've been looking for a UI manager for Phaser before, you'll know there aren't really a whole lot of good ones out there. That's why I started working on a component for building user interfaces in Phaser, called SlickUI. It's still in early development, but already capable of buiding user interfaces with panels, buttons, text and generic display objects (like sprites). On the todo list is adding text fields, checkboxes and radio buttons. Website Github page Would be cool to see your opinions!