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  1. I already solved the problem by using weapon.fireLimit = number;
  2. My problem is that the bullets, after they killed, the weapon plugin bullets will reload again: 'this.target.bullet = game.add.weapon(5, 'bullet_1');', what I mean is I want my weapon have a ammo/limit to fire, when the ammo is 0, then don't fire again, I don't want unlimited ammo/fire. Thanks in advanced...
  3. My game is lagging when moving the camera in mobile devices, I don't really know how to fix it without changing in tilemap... my game here: https://github.com/CharlesCraft50/Brawler You can see the tilemap in the assets folder and the code of the tilemap is in the js/functions.js Thanks in advanced
  4. The fps of the game is very low in mobile, but in my pc is 54-60 fps, I don't know why, I am using intel XDK and here is my game code: https://github.com/CharlesCraft50/Brawler
  5. @Tom Atom I can't change the scale of the transform, it giving me error: Code: this._spriterGroup.onPointUpdated.add(function (spriter, pointObj) { if (this._item.exists) { var transformed = pointObj.transformed; transformed.scale.setTo(0.14, 0.14); //Even this: transformed.scale.set(0.14, 0.14); // add SpriterGroups position and angle, bacause _item is in world space, but transformed values are in SpriterGroup local space this._item.position.set(spriter.x + transformed.x, spriter.y
  6. @Tom Atom How to fix the position of the point when the animation is scaled?, I need to scale it because the animation is too big in game, the point position is not in the right position: I also try it on your example, still the same, not the correct position, even I scaled the book too, it doesn't even work too
  7. @Tom Atom I can't understand how to use point, can you give me examples or code examples
  8. @Tom Atom Is it possible to move the bones of the player in the game?, because I want to make the player like holding the guns, (like the arm is following the gun), I have many guns and they are different sizes and different texture so that is why I want the arm to follow the gun position like holding it. Thanks in Advanced
  9. @Tom Atom How to pause the animation when finished? and is it possible to set the animation time? Thanks in advanced
  10. @Tom Atom How to use the animation properly in the player that can move by using keys? please give me some game demos that uses spriter. Also this is what happen when I set the gravity of the player: Thanks in advanced
  11. @Tom Atom I already fixed my problem, Thank you for helping me
  12. @Tom Atom How can I fix this and why there is a problem?: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'variablesLength' of null at new i (spriter.min.js:2) at Level1.create (LevelState.js:104) at Phaser.StateManager.loadComplete (phaser.js:30083) at Phaser.StateManager.preUpdate (phaser.js:29849) at Phaser.Game.updateLogic (phaser.js:36333) at Phaser.Game.update (phaser.js:36280) at Phaser.RequestAnimationFrame.updateRAF (phaser.js:61979) at _onLoop (phaser.js:61962) Thanks in advance
  13. How to use spriter in phaser/javascript, and how to export it?
  14. @b10bI already saw the problem, the problem is in tilemap so I added this code and the lags reduced a little bit: map_tiles_1.renderSettings.enableScrollDelta = true; map_tiles_2.renderSettings.enableScrollDelta = true; map_tiles_3.renderSettings.enableScrollDelta = true;
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