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  1. Intermediaware is basically just myself
  2. I did 17.500$ only with HTML5 Games. This is a nice addition on top of my mobile and contract work stuff, but to be honest I had hoped that I'm able to make more out of it (I've started to port all my mobile games to HTML5 in the end of 2016 and had hoped to license them with the possibility to licenses my whole catalogue a few times which didn't happened sadly).
  3. Cool page. I'm very interested how you will do this / how this will work.
  4. Thanks. Awesome that your kids loved it. I've done a lot of games for kids in the past and it's always feels so rewarding if you see kids playing/discovery an app/game you've created.
  5. Hi, I want to wish all of you a merry christmas and lots of fun with my HTML5 Christmas Calendar Jochen
  6. I'm actually using TexturePacker Command-Line directly to create the texture atlas. But you're right - if you work with big PSD files exporting is a little bit slow. This was the reason that I only save changes and not the whole document in each run.
  7. Hi my HTML5 Gamedev fellows. A few months ago I started using a very interesting workflow / toolset in developing my games. Basically I use a Photoshop Generator to automatically do magic things Automatically generates spritesheets of all sprites included in the PSD Document Automatically generate bitmap fonts of the fonts I use in the PSD Document Automatically generates a JSON-File with infos on each layer (Position, Size, Frames, State, Special Properties) Everything in realtime on the fly (without the need to save) In my (custom engine) I can load the
  8. Jochen

    Demon Drop

    thank you!
  9. I was always a big fan of Lemmings. Played it hundreds of hours on my beloved Amiga. The artwork on your game looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out.
  10. Hi, I'd like to showcase my latest HTML5 Game (based on Dr. Mario) : Demon Drop [ Play Demon Drop ] Game is available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing!
  11. Hi, I'd like to showcase our latest HTML5 Logic Games to you: A Lot Of Dots [ Play A Lot Of Dots ] Hexmatch [ Play Hexmatch ] Both games are available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing! I have also reskinned versions available or can reskin/brand it according your needs.
  12. Yes - I always loved the MOD Format because you can do some great dynamic effects which are very hard to achieve with traditional streaming music (mute/unmute tracks, jump to patterns, increas/decrease speed, or even sync the gameplay to music-events...).
  13. @AlectoraWorks No, you can't create it with software like Fruity Loops - it's a very limited format compared to FL, Logic, Cubase Files. No VST or Audio Units or something is supported. There a various free trackers available who can create/save/export MOD/XM Format, for example MadTracker and MilkyTracker (I'm sorry I'm not very up-to-date with the actual tracker scene).
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