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  1. yup, working on that(just releasd 2 weeks ago). In the future the characters will be these guys, aaand we will add more classes like orcs, goblins and ogres.
  2. weird thing, thats a firebase error. Its happening again?
  3. Hi, We are Tex and Chris, we are the team of munera.io, an already live beta multiplayer PvP death-match in a 2d dark arena/dungeon. The name “Munera” evokes the fighting games of Ancient Rome Empire, including the most memorable Gladiators contests. video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/NcD95sz72TA In munera.io you can get killing sprees, double kills, triple kills, multi-kills. You can flee/heal and then prepare your counter attack. You can team up and defeat powerful players, you can use classes to your advantage; for example, one tanking with a knight while a ranged frien
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