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  1. Hey guys, I've made a furniture designing app using babylon js. Go here to start customizing -> Go here to view a premade model: or or I've also designed a furniture model in the app and then produced it myself to fit into my apartment, it looks like this ->
  2. @Wingnut Thank you ! I wanted my function to do exactly that. It's a real pleasure to read your responses. I really appreciate that. @JohnK Thank you for explaining. It took me a few hours to wrap my head around why it was not working. And thank you for pointing out the mistake in setting up the MeshBuilder. @adam Good point. No reason to create more than one of these in this case. Also, I've kept digging and came across 'Self-Invoking Functions' in javascript. It looks really messy, but seems to work too:
  3. PLAYGROUND : PROBLEM: Clicking on GREY boxes displays wrong message. Should work the same as clicking on RED boxes. MORE INFO: One function is creating elements from predefined array. Second function is dynamically creating elements using FOR loop and I don't quite understand why it is not working properly. As you can see on the playground: clicking on RED boxes works just fine. The browser correctly displays clicked box's index. However, clicking on GREY boxes always displays the same message. Thank you for reading, Saafine