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  1. Hi, What's the status of your project? I'm particularly interested in you use of Raphael and svg.
  2. I wonder is the Asset Packer would be the answer. It looks as if this is what it's designed for. Asset Packer
  3. I'm still in beginner learning mode, and I'm trying to accomplish certain tasks in little bites. I've come to the point where I'd like to do something a little more challenging. My question is how I can add sprite data that is stored in an external file, for example, a JSON file that contains the variable name for the sprite, type of image to load, and it's location? Task: - Add sprites based on sprite data that is stored in an external JSON file. Requirement: - Load external JSON file containing sprite data - Create sprites that can be viewed/manipulated in the browser. Basically I want to do this: let blueInfTm1a = game.add.sprite(100, 250, 'blue_inf_tm'); but using an external JSON file instead. I'm assuming a JSON file would be appropriate for this situation, besides later on all my sprite data will be stored in an external "scenario" file. The kind of games I'm interested in developing are traditional military style games, not Command and Conquer, but more like a hex-based board wargame. Later I will expand the "sprite" data to include other types of attributes such as attack, defend, mobility, etc. factors. But for now loading a list of units and creating their sprite images in the browser is good enough. I figure initially I can simply point to my scenario file using code, later on, I'd like the user to choose what scenario to load which means using an open file dialog or maybe an HTML link. I didn't find any examples on how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. TJ