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  1. Can PixiJS be used to create an animated video on the canvas, and have each frame be processed by something like a video encoder to make a movie file of the animation? It would be OK if it ran slow. The video encoding would also be done in JS, so PixiJS might have to pause after each frame of the animation until the video encoder was done. Also, can PixiJS render "layers" that are stacked, for example, a background layer and a foreground layer? (like in an endless runner game)
  2. Are you closing down this forum and moving all the discussions to W3.org?
  3. vornay

    Google GameSnacks

    https://www.gamesnacks.com "Bite-sized HTML5 games, accessible to everyone." https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/358551/Google_wants_to_bring_HTML5_titles_to_lowend_devices_with_GameSnacks.php "Google has announced a new HTML5 platform called GameSnacks that's designed to help devs bring quick, casual games to any device."
  4. This HTML5 game looks amazing: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1210800/Rum__Gun/
  5. This site use to have good info on HTML5 games. Now it's gone? http://casualgamesassociation.org
  6. Did you mean "decreases the potential for tunnel-vision" ? I agree having the different engines discussed in a close proximity helped everyone.
  7. When I go to the Discourse site, I just see a list of messages. It doesn't look anything like this site. I guess I will have to make a fake username, and join, if that is where everyone is going. I can never fool these sites. Later some site will ask me "Vornay, do you know someone named <insert my real name>???", and I'm like, "No man, never heard of them." I guess if Phaser doesn't want to run a message board, that is the real issue. Having to moderate it probably distracts from working on Phaser. That is too bad. Social media is pretty toxic nowadays, with everyone appare
  8. Why did the forums move to "discourse"? I don't use that site, or that other one called "disqus". Those sites always feel like they are just tracking everything you do or say, and storing it somewhere so they can ruin your life later. I'm not on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook either. I wont join them. They are all evil. Sad to see the forums go to one of those sites. Maybe this site could charge like $1 a month to join local forums. Since most people are doing business with their HTML projects, it would be a cost of business, and keep out spammers too. Maybe I'm just old.
  9. If you hosted your own web game, and another site copied/stole it, would it be acceptable to have the game display a bunch of traumatizing "PIRACY!!!" alerts after a certain date? As the creator and host of the game, you could repost it with the date pushed farther in to the future, as needed. People who copied your game, and did not have the latest one, would end up displaying a warning about themselves. This would require no connection to your site, or any other site, so it would be hard to prevent. Maybe offer a reward to the first person to report the pirate site.
  10. If Google's Dart/Flutter language can build HTML/WebAssembly apps that run at 60FPS, wouldn't it be a good candidate to be the implementation layer of Phaser? Not to mention the apps could be cross-compiled to run natively on iOS, Android, Fucsia, OSX, Windows, and Linux.
  11. Aren't there legal issues with making an online version of a commercial board-game?
  12. Inside a Phaser3 game, can you access "User Account" data on a server via a REST API? The idea is for the game to access user account information, item inventory, game credits, friend messages, etc, that are on a web/game server. This would also prevent other companies from stealing the game. Most HTML5 games I have seen are small stand-alone games.
  13. I see that the various JS game engines have text and text effects available, so they could be used to create an Interactive Fiction type of game. Would the 60FPS of these game engines cause a mobile device to run its battery down? An IF game could potentially run on very little CPU. Using a game engine is interesting because a lot of the game-mechanics have already been done (input,audio,etc).
  14. Something like this (I just googled "can a web page tell if it is in an iframe") https://www.pixelstech.net/article/1532747442-How-to-check-whether-a-web-page-can-be-loaded-in-iframe
  15. Could your game check the URL that it is running from, and if it matches a known thief, display a warning?
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