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  1. You might find some difficulties with TypeScript but it is definitely worth it. TypeScript is very easy to program as soon as you get used to it and its a way more readable code than JavaScript. However it is true that you need to find the typings for the library you need or create your own ones. You can check in or download the typings module using the npm and search through this. You could start off with a simpler project so you can get familiar with TypeScript and then continue with this one. It is going to be easy to find you way through it when you get a grip.
  2. I am using arcade.collide, but they collide continuously rather than just 1 frame. I will try body.touching.none and body.wasTouching.none in conjunction with arcade.collide to see if its working... Thanks for your help!
  3. Hey guys, I am seeking some help on how to execute a collision callback only once. I am creating an asteroids game, but when the spacecraft collides with the asteroid the callback executes continuously. I would like to execute the call back only once while the collision is happening and re enable it when they stop colliding. Is there a way to trigger a callback when the collision stops ?? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hello guys, I was trying to create health bars for a game I am creating in Phaser and I thought that i would be a nice idea to create a generic, usable health bar plugin. As a result I developed a simple, customizable health bar for your phaser game objects and I decided to share it with you in case you need something similar and also to get your opinion about this. Here is the repository: Feel free to suggest improvements, new ideas or if it's crap just say it's crap Thanks