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  1. 4 hours ago, ehab said:

    It's a great game, i do really like the mechanics of the game, the levels are well made and polished, so is the graphics and the sound effects.

    I do think though that level 7 is unnecessary - if i understood correctly it was there to tell the player that you can destroy ice shapes, and that was made clear also in level 8.


    Yeah, that level was made, when I was trying to avoid adding tutorial to the game, but I've decided to keep it, because of how players react to this level)

  2. 5 hours ago, Goblet Ed said:

    Ah, you should market your app more aggressively in your free version. I couldn't find a link to the app anywhere in the free version. Perhaps look to see if you can get a publisher. It's nearly impossible to get any type of exposure by just uploading your game to Google Play. Good luck!

    Well, the link is actually on loading screen, and on the last level, when game ends. I don't think, I should add more marketing in Kongregate version yet, at least, till there still is a chance to win weekly/monthly contest, that would be bad to be disqualified, so I'm more focused on Kong now. Thanks for the advice, anyway.

  3. 32 minutes ago, Goblet Ed said:

    I tried out your game a bit and I gotta say - very impressive!

    I have not seen this type of gameplay before so to me it is very original. Love what you did with the floating stuff and all the effects. It has a sort of mysterious calming atmosphere that really helps with the immersion. Good work!

    Do you plan on making more levels for it? You introduce new mechanics pretty quickly, I bet you could double or even triple (maybe quadruple) the overall lifespan of your game and still keep it interesting by just making extra levels before introducing new mechanics.

    It would be nice to see which level I am on during gameplay.

    Too bad I cannot play it in a web browser on my mobile device. This is a wonderful casual puzzle game!

    Hi, thanks for the comment, it really took a lot of work to make the game look the way it does. 

    It was just a Demo version, you can play all 80 levels in GooglePlay version (30 are free and you can buy 50 fore for $0.99)

  4. You should unfreeze shapes in the correct order, so they fall and fit into holes on the ground. 

    There is no only correct way to play:
    As it is a logical game, you can think several steps ahead and solve all puzzles in an unhurried manner.
    Otherwise, combine your savvy, intuition and skill to find even more inventive solutions.




    Google Play


    I will appreciate any feedback.