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  1. Alright, problem solved! Just add <preference name="Fullscreen" value="true" /> to config.xml file and it works !
  2. Hello. I use cordova to pack my phaser game to a mobile app, which looks like as following in my android phone: To make my game full screen in mobile phones, I want to hide both top status bar and bottom control bar. Is it possible? How can I make this? Thanks for any replies
  3. hello guys! I have made one big modification in this game. Now the monsters are no longer scattered randomly through out the board. Instead, weaker monsters are more likely to be spawned near the entrance, while higher level monsters are more likely to appear in the cells far from the entrance. After this algorithm change, players can survive longer as they generally meet monsters of the same level, which also reduce the luck factor of this game. Besides, there is one down-stairs in the dungeon. If lucky enough, players can go down to the next dungeon without the need to explore all the cells. But there are always healing potions somewhere in every level. So whether to find out all potions in current level or just ignore treasures going down to the next dungeon, it's all up to you! Also, the dungeon gets harder descending. Players start with 16 * 16 board and level 5 monsters, while the hardest board is of 24 * 24 cells with level 9 monsters! Hope all minesweeper and rpg loves can like this game !
  4. Thanks for reply! I've just made some updates and now you can find healing potions in blank cells. I will push my codes to github after completed but currently I'm still newbie to it and not familiar enough. Before that my codes can only be accessed from the link...
  5. Thank you Liranan! Yep this is a bug and I've already fixed it! Now click is prevented during combat.
  6. Thanks lumoludo! Yeah giving minesweeper the RPG element is exactly what I want! I enjoy such games too. Yep I'll add flag function in the future as this is still in WIP. As for the experience, currently exp is only gained from defeating monsters, but your suggestion is really wonderful which I havent thinked of! I'll add this feature to my game and test it As for that top right box, I decided to make it a main menu button but havent finished it...Inventory panel may be put in the bottom but not yet sure as I still need room to place flag button ( I'm not good at artwork and layout at all...) Thanks again!
  7. Thanks for your feedbacks! I'll use another floor tile
  8. Hello guys! This is a minesweeper-like rpg. It is more difficult and also more interesting than the original minesweeper. Your hero starts from level 1 when you enter every floor. You gain experience and level up from sweeping the weakest monsters. The mark on the cell show total levels of monsters around that cell. You have to find out which monster is the weakest - this is a bit more difficult than the minesweeper - and kill it for experience. You attack is the same with your level. As for the monster, both its attack and its hit points are the same with its level. When you open a cell, the fight begins and you will attack first. As you can see, you can kill the same or lower level monsters in one strike safely. Although you can also kill higher level monsters, you will lose some hit points. This game is currently almost the same with MamonoSweeper on Android and TowerSweeper on iOS. Actually I want to make it closer to a rogue-like rpg game where you can sometimes find items from defeated monsters ( such as potions and scrolls ) and get quests from NPCs in deeper floors ( like Dungelot ). But this is a WIP game so I havent finished these features yet and you wont see these in the current link. You can play here: This game is coded with Actually I want to make it a mobile game with phonegap after it is completed. So dont be unpleased with the small screen size... Sorry for my poor English. Thanks!