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  1. Thanks guys, I tried what you suggested and it worked!
  2. Hi, I am trying to import BABYLON, but TypeScript is complaining that it 'cannot find namespace BABYLON', As a result, I cannot compile my files with gulp. I have tried everything to get this to work, and have spent the last two days googling, to no avail. I have tried: import * as BABYLON from './babylon'; import * as BABYLON from './babylon.module'; import { BABYLON } from './babylon'; import { BABYLON } from './babylon.module'; import './babylon'; import './babylon.module'; None of them work. I have attached a screenshot of the error I am getting, and my folder setup. Hopefully someone could explain to me how to get this to work, thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks @aWeirdo, I tried what you suggested but it still didn't work. I'll just follow your other piece of advice and make my own server side vector class. I only wanted babylon server side for the vector class to keep things consistent, I guess it doesn't really matter though.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to node and babylon, but I've spent hours googling and can't find an explanation for my problem, so I decided to post here. I am working on a game using node and babylon, and written in TypeScript using atom. The game has a server and client. When using the BABYLON.Vector3 class in my server file no errors show in atom, however once i start the server with the command 'node server' it throws an error saying: 'BABYLON is not defined'. I have tried doing 'npm install babylonjs' however the error still remains. Is it not possible to use BABYLON.Vector3 in my server? Everything works fine on the client. I have attached the error.