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  1. I played this on my desktop. It is a very fun game. really enjoyed it. Maybe try adding a leader-board to make it more competitive but other than that really really good
  2. Ill try that so and ill let you know how it works out. Thanks again Pheaset
  3. Thanks for the help again. Ill try that. Hopefully it will work out although im not sure due to my lack of knowledge with javacript and phaser Thanks again Pheaset
  4. Any advice as how to make the starfield? Rather than using the tile map Thanks for the feedback
  5. My latest game. Built with phaser from a tutorial. I then built on the tutorial by adding access to the localstorage api. Here is the link Positive criticism is much appreciated as well as tips for improvements Thanks Pheaset
  6. hey guys I'm currently after completing a tutorial at http://zenva.com . I have been working on my knowledge with phaser. anyways, after finishing the tutorial i decided to polish the game. I am new to the localstorage api and was looking for some help. here is my code for the highscore. it currenly doesnt work with localstorage and im not sure why. Any help is much appreciated init: function(score) { var score = score || 0; localStorage.setItem("score", this.highestScore); this.highestScore = this.highestScore = localStorage.getItem("score"); this.highestScore = Math.
  7. The game is actually quite good. Just to let you know you put the wrong URL in your post. It should be https://kraken18.github.io/index.html . i spotted this when the game did not load so i looked at the code and ran the index file instead of the game.html. Might I ask, what tutorial did you use?
  8. Please send me a link whenever you update the game however you choose
  9. By game over screen i mean like an animation of the sprite falling slowly down the screen until the user presses ok and then show the score/highscore screen that has the option to play again
  10. Really fun and enjoyable game. Maybe add a game screen?
  11. Great game. Really enjoyed it. Maybe a hint button 1 hint per hour or something?
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