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  1. Preety cool! I actually think can be interesting to many developers since not all are focused on creating sprites. It makes it much easier to populate a game with a bunch of cool ones. Keep the good work!
  2. Loved the music, loved the art. The game play is very smooth! Congratz
  3. Interesting concept. It is quite difficult
  4. Very interesting! Keep up the good work! If you need help with something just ask
  5. Yes you can call that function in update. That is not the problem. Check what "this.game" refers to.
  6. Oh that might explain it. Well this is the updated version if you want to try it... the gameplay changes a little along with other minor improvements. One of the problems it had was the one you noticed. I changed some things from one version to another and I think I corrected that bug. I didn't change that itch.io link because ludum dare 39 is still going and only the last version was made during the competition. I will replace that link on itch.io with the updated version later on. Thank you for playing. I appreciate it.
  7. I didn't know about that problem. How long did you play until that happened? Did you play the latest version?
  8. Well good question. My keyboard has a problem with the space key sensivity. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't (with ctrl and alt key as well). When I was making the game I used whatever key came to my mind to test it. I just didn't think of changing it to space key again... but actually I should ^^
  9. Just made some improvements to the game according to the feedback I had received. They were after jam improvements though. Updated game link.
  10. Liked the game very much The physics are just great. The art is preety. I also made a game for the jam, you can play it here
  11. Hey guys. First time on ludum dare. I actually didn't know it was happening and had only about 20 hours to make the game when I found out. I didn't use any engine. Just js canvas. You can see the ludumdare entry here or just play the game directly here. Didn't have time to take care of details but was a preety cool marathon. Cheers
  12. Well, pure javascript? document.body.addEventListener('keypress', yourFunction);
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