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  1. Thx one more time) will be learning by your primer how to do this. Thank you very much!
  2. Thanx for answer, friend! Can you try this with one orthographic camera. And i will try to create a playground primer. P.s. Your code is amazing, thx for example, pls dont remove him). I see you use render targets and layers, and your code much more complex then my ^_^.
  3. Hi, developers! I have one problem with using postprocesses on cameras with layer masks. My scene contain two cameras with different layer masks, i push them all in active cameras to blend them. For this moment all is good and i have this picture (https://yadi.sk/i/rlKH9yIpuUeWM). Planet are attached to layer with ortho camera, background are attached to the free camera. When i use VolumetricLightScatteringPostProcess (or LensRenderingPipeline) on the ortho camera i get black background (https://yadi.sk/i/tTG9UbaMuUeww), seems like cameras are not blending. Can you told me its a bug, or i doing something wrong?
  4. If somebody interested, i found one method. In particle system update function i create BABYLON.path3D() between particle position and camera position, now i can calculate distance between this points, and if distance lower then need, just remove this particle. This method not bad, but in my case, i have to many particles, and performance are very bad. Maybe i should optimize particles, will keep trying.
  5. Hi, babylon js developers! Please help me :). I want to detect particle collision with camera elipsoid, and when particle will collide - destroy this particle. Can i make this in particle system update function or how? Babylon js can make this for me?