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  1. It is not polite question.
  2. I will publish on two Playgrounds: Plunker and CodeSandbox. If one is dead another will be available. 3. Sprite From Image: Plunker, CodeSandbox
  3. This is the first example from the book "Discover Phaser" in TypeScript and Phaser 3: Playground
  4. Hi. My name is Ivan. I am 32. I am not newbie but I do not have a big experience. Read books and tutorial, look for and watch video courses, make simple games, have more practice, learn hard, have fun, keep calm. Your are welcome!
  5. I study these frameworks/engines. In edition: Three.js and Pixi.js. You need to write your own little engine to understand how it works, how to write shaders, how to use mathematics and so on
  6. Your own: Build your own 2D Game Engine and Create Great Web Games Using HTML5, JavaScript, and WebGL Authors: Sung, K., Pavleas, J., Arnez, F., Pace, J.
  7. As you can see I have low-traffic examples. I found this information: It is enough for me now. But what do you think about keeping images on GitHub? I can get a direct link like this: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/8Observer8/8observer8.github.io/master/Assets/LearnPixiJS/Images/cat.png And it works on Plunker: https://next.plnkr.co/edit/0FmksaR02yCUs63T?preview
  8. Good. But I do not use Webpack, Gulp, Grunt and so on. I use AMD-compilation and Require.js for debug mode in VSCode. And Browserify for Release mode. I can just copy my files on Plunker without modifications. I do not have enough time for modifications and I do not have time to study new Playground. Plunker is ideal for me. I do not this this because it is complicated for beginners: (window as any).PIXI = PIXI; export let app = (global.app = new Application()); And it is complicated for me too. I make this examples for beginners. As you said CodeSandbox is limited to upload images. It is not difference where I will keep files for Plunker and CodeSandbox. I will keep them on DropBox.
  9. Plunker is the best as TypeScript Plaground. There's just limit on uploaded images.
  10. I tried it. It does not work with TypeScript
  11. Please, give me a link on another that can keep TypeScript classes in separated files. I found only this one. I think it is the best. I do not know another. I will keep my image files on DropBox.
  12. My image is not too. Click on your image on Playground and you will see that it is base64. I think it is converted automatically.
  13. Ivan, why does it work now without cross origin? https://next.plnkr.co/edit/0FmksaR02yCUs63T?preview