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  1. Hi I am using a displacement map to distort three graphics lines. And since the lines have a speed, I need to move the displacement space at the same speed as the points, which define the lines. I do this, so that the line keeps it shape, and doesn't "wave" around. But it seems like there is an offset in the speeds at which they move, mostly at lower speeds, which makes the line change a bit of its shape. Is there a better way to achieve this effect, or is there some local/global positioning I'm overseeing with Pixi.js? Would It make sense to move the PIXI.Graphics themselves instead? Here is a simplified version of my project: https://jsfiddle.net/adL8wqwv/1/ There is also some jittering, which I'm unsure if is caused by missing antialiasing or something else... If any of you can spot how to smoothen out the graphics I'd be very happy. But the displacment + graphics offset mentioned above is my main priority so far. Feel free to ask any questions, if something needs to be clarified.
  2. Thanks a bunch @ivan.popelyshev, it just works right away. Wicked! Now I can finally get into this weekends Ludum Dare with confidence.
  3. Hi everyone, and happy v4! I am having some problems with my DisplacementFilter, after updating from v3 to v4. In v3 when I moved the displacement sprite, it would loop just like a TilingSprite, when incrementing the x-position: https://jsfiddle.net/ybsyzko9/3/ But in v4 it reaches the "end" and repeats the last pixels: https://jsfiddle.net/oy2evb47/1/ So now I'm unsure whether I've been exploiting a bug... Hope not. But I am looking for ways to reach the v3 effect in v4, and any help is appreciated! All the best.