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  1. yes you can use and you will started earning, until Facebook find out and account will be banned
  2. hi thanks, i got it working .... is there a way to prevent game form closing and update the game status real-time
  3. Explode Ballz is a fun arcade game. The goal of the game is to match balls with the same color. You can get bigger balls and blow them up in order to get a higher score. Explode Ballz
  4. Super Cricket is a new fascinating and funny cricket game for your mobiles. Try to score and hit back as many balls as possible in order to get to the next level. play in the world cup tournament play one on one play a quick match. Super Cricket online game get the game(Html5 + Mobile Version! (Construct 2 / CAPX))
  5. War Zone.Objective of the games is to protect the Territory from the attack of Militant Enter into the militant area and destroy them, choose form different types of weapon How to play Tap on the Militant to make it bleed and destroy them The faster you hit them the more your chance of killing them. Games was created in construct 2 Play War Zone Get the game(Html5 + Mobile Version! (Construct 2 / CAPX))
  6. New Tutorial for Construct 2 users Construct 2 Tutorials - Stick Hero
  7. New Tutorial for Construct 2 users Famous Game Color Switch one of the most popular games in the history of the app store and has ranked #1 for over 40 days total and has been downloaded over 30 Million times . Construct 2 color switch game tutorial
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