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  1. Oh gosh, you are a life savior. Thank you, I think I'll buy it. I'm currently learning from Khan Academy, it's a really nice place to learn and I found it easier than I thought it would be. Thank you guys. I'm going to share a few things I found as well: https://betterexplained.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/codingmath
  2. Thank you very much for you answer. I was concern about that you know, I thought I needed to be Chuck Norris in math to create something, I aim to create a kind of platform game and I was reading a source code of game, there was a lot of trig functions that I was kinda lost, for that reason I downloaded a few videos on the internet for math learning. I think that if I have the basic understanding of sin, cos, abs, pi and other math functions, it will make things easier to understand and create. I'm definitely not going to be focusing on theory only, I have to practice - so I can
  3. I'm starting now in the world of game development and I was wondering if you guys have advice regarding math, what should I learn, maybe some tricks, tips and so on. I think that this thread would help a lot of other users that is a newbie just like me.
  4. I just saw your answer. It helped, thank you.
  5. I'm new in game development, I will try your approach. Thank you.
  6. It looks amazing. Good job mate.
  7. Is there a way to create a gun shooting recoil? Like when the user shoots you, your character goes backwards due the bullets and if you shoot, you go backwards due the recoil?
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