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  1. I was playing with pixi plugin, with the intention to add some filters to my game. I noticed two problems: 1. When I add a filter to my Container which only has one circle shape (rotating in update function). The filter is just a square, with the width of the circle radius, rotating inside the circle. 2. I have two progress bars in my game, which are simply rectangles changing their width in update function by MyContainer.shapes[0].shape.width. After adding pixi plugin rectangle width no longer updates. The width values are correct but there is no update on the screen. I'm using latest pixi plugin version with 2.8.2dev
  2. Thanks, @enpu for this tip. It also helped me with one of the problems in the game I'm working on.
  3. That's what I have actually done - but without the physics engine. I'm still having some problems with the angles. I don't know if this has something to do with the container rotation taking place in update function in a different class than the one I'm doing collision checks. It kinda works - but sometimes doesn't What I do is I check angles for the arc endpoints and then the angle of a vector from player position to the container center. Sometimes it looks like it hits out of the arc, but when I check values which are console.logged I can see it is not. I'm still looking for maybe a better solution
  4. So .. I'm working on this little orbiting game and I have a problem with collision detection. I have some sprites within the container. The container is rotating (so the sprites are also rotating). One of the sprites is an Arc. What I want to do is to detect a collision of my player sprite with that arc. Any ideas how to achieve that?
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    It's really nice to see those improvements in the editor. @enpu if there is something we could do to help get more people use Panda 2 please let us know. Next week I'm going to write a blog post on my blog (in Polish) about Panda 2, but the range of my blog is rather limited - I'm not sure if this will help. I think the best way is for us to develop and publish our games. There is probably nothing better for a game engine than examples of published games which are polished and enjoyable to play.
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    Roadmap would be great. I don't know how big Panda2 community is at the moment, but it would be great to have the roadmap public and to see what's coming in next versions. Can't wait for the next version - It's always so nice to have new features
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    Essentials plugin

    Thanks @enpu ! The debug instant variable update is awesome. This will help me a lot with the game I am working on .. I just need to get to work :). @Ninjadoodle This is very easy to be done just with coordinates for the container. You have game.width and game.height which you can use and should be independent of the screen size.
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    Essentials plugin

    Hi @enpu Thanks for the container shake - it is awesome! What I think could be useful as part of the essential plugin: Actually, a great example of an essential set of features is Flixel Power Tools for old Flash Flixel game engine Some of the features from this set we already have, but it would be great to have some more of them. - Very simple collisions when no physics is used, or you use your own simple physics. I have coded myself some simple collisions for my game, but it would be awesome to have circle and rectangle collisions in all combinations in the plugin. - Pixel perfect collision would be a nice addon. Also, most of the functions like in old FlxVelocity would be great: - Maybe a customizable bar? Like in fpt And one more thing, which is not plugin related but I think could be useful. Would it be possible to add some kind of watch table to the debugger? I mean, you could add some variables with some function in the code and the variables values would be shown somewhere in the debugger on the game window. I know you can do this with console output, but sometimes it is useful to have some variables shown in the game window when you prototype features. And also about 3D. There is Three.js plugin which works nice - I have done some simple testing, but how about a babylon.js plugin? Would it be even possible?
  9. @enpu I wanted to take a look at this template, but it looks like the download link is not working. It says "Page not found".
  10. Ok. I have figured it out. You have to do .require('game.module_name') before .body in the main module. To create the object of class which is located in separate module you simply use new game.class_name.
  11. How do I actually use modules ? I have created a module and moved a class there, how I can use this class in my game.main ? I have not found any examples or info in docs how to do that.
  12. I'm actually also interested in that. I couldn't find anything built in into the engine except hitTest for sprite or container. The collision shapes are one thing, but also more data would be great (f.ex. direction of collision - was the object hitted from above, below, left or right). I can see I can do everything that with P2 plugin, but when I'm not interested in advanced physics or want to do my own simple one, P2 is a little overkill.
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    Spine plugin

    Awesome work @enpu. As always! The Spriter plugin would also be great.
  14. Hi @enpu New features are awesome ! I did some testing already and found two issues: 1. The engine still asks "Close project ? All changes will be lost" even when I have saved all the files and click the close button. 2. When I try the engine update function (described above) in my simple breakout game project, it says "Project update failed".
  15. Thanks @enpu ! You are great :)
  16. Hi, I'm having a lot of fun with Panda 2 working on a very simple breakout clone, just to learn the engine. I noticed two issues. I don't know if it is better to put them here or in Issues GitHub. 1. Every time when I close Panda 2 editor, it asks me if I want to quit because all changes will be lost even if I saved all the files before. 2. When I try to add a new module, the code of the new module shows without syntax coloring. I don't see the new module in the modules list. When I try to save the new module Panda editor says: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'send' of undefined". The module file is created, but I cannot see it in the module list of the project. When I add the module to index.html by hand, everything works correctly. I think I don't understand how SystemText works. I don't use any assets in my breakout game (just rectangles, circles etc.) and wanted to use some simple text for score etc. The SystemText constructor accepts the text string and also a font as a string. How can I set the font property? I tried to use '20px Arial' but this is not correct - does not change anything. Is there a way I can use some system font with custom size ? P.S. Great work with the Xbox remote. This engine is getting better and better
  17. Wow. Awesome ! Thank you very much.
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    Tiled plugin

    Hi ! Just bought Panda 2 few hours ago and I really, really love it. It has a great potential to be one of the top HTML5 (or rather multiplatform) engines. In some of the other posts I have seen a Tiled plugin mentioned. Just wanted to ask what is the status of that plugin and if we can expect it soon.