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  1. Ok samme thanks for your hints, i get the same results also in Chrome 53.0.2785.101 (Windows 7 64 bit), i'm hoping for a better result in the next versions of the browsers.
  2. I don't want the antialiasing on the sprites, however i've tried your solution ( but it does not work, this is the result (unwanted antialising): Any idea to get the same results of the initialization with Phaser.CANVAS?
  3. I confirm, I also made some tests with earlier versions of phaser and it happens again... Maybe it's a bug to report ?
  4. I've uploaded a gif to show better the problem... There is a bug in my code that do this ? No one has an idea ? Thank you
  5. Hi symof, thank you for your help, your fix seems to work but partially, unfortunately in Phaser.WEBGL mode the sprite seems to be cutted in some way if you move to the left border, i've changed the spritesheet, the problem (is it a bug?) is more visible with small sprites (now i use 16x18), check: Thank you
  6. Hi to everybody, i'm testing phaser (v2.6.2) writing some simple codes, during the last one i've noticed a strange behaviour, check the jsfiddle: Only initializing with Phaser.WEBGL or AUTO if you move with the arrows the sprite to the left (or top) border the sprite become smoothed, why this happens? Thank you very much for your help. Update 1: if someone needs more info please ask, thank you. Best regards