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  1. I teach 1st grade. I like making educational games. (Using Gamemaker Studio) All the games on this webpage are HTML 5 games I've made. https://k1school.weebly.com/games.html Feel free to hotlink any of my games if you have your own website. I plan to update a lot of stuff over the Christmas break...starting today... Youtube Videos of some of my games : LINK
  2. Very good...Reminds me of Outrun... I like how you can upgrade your car.
  3. Cool...How about also allowing the arrow keys to control the car...for right handed players.
  4. Cool Game...I like the graphics and music. Played it using a PC. Note: The restart button is cut off on my monitor unless I use F11 to fulscreen (Google).
  5. Great Match 3 game... I like the extra effects...like collision shake etc... Once in a while I did have a slight problem determining the exact color of some of the planets to match.
  6. Cool Game. I teach 1st grade and also make educational games. Graphics are good...and controls smoothly. Noticed some of the fonts look like the ones over at Flaming Text. I use some of those in my games too.
  7. Great game...I like the easy to use controls? How about a timer and top 10 high score table?
  8. Great game... I notice you use DropBox to host your game... I got a recent email from DropBox that said they're dropping their HTML browser support on October 3,2016 If you get a different host...I'd like the new link to your game. (Former MOD at Yoyogames Sandbox)