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  1. Thanks, deepstream works well for casual multiplayer gaming - think Clash Royal etc. Generally speaking it - has an average message processing latency under load of ~1ms (plus network latency) - scales horizontally to facilitate significant throughput. We've run tests with a six node cluster forwarding messages / hour (https://deepstream.io/info/performance/four-billion-messages-per-hour/) - is very cheap to run. - speeds up development as its high-level concepts manage most of the hard stuff like connection logic, state recovery etc out of the box it WON'T b
  2. I just wanted to share https://deepstream.io/ , a fast realtime server that we're working on which is a great fit for multiplayer gaming. Please find a tutorial for a multiplayer spaceshooter build with deepstream and pixi.js on Pluralsight/Hackguides here: http://tutorials.pluralsight.com/front-end-javascript/building-a-multiplayer-space-shooter-part-i
  3. Github pages hosts your content for free. If your project is already on github, all you need to do is create and push a branch called gh-pages and it can be accessed from <accountname>.github.io/<projectname>
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