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  1. Do correct me if I'm wrong and showing the wrong code (like I said, I'm quite new to most of this), but this is my water and bottle collision commands in he create function (both 'water' and 'bottle' sprites are duplicated at least 15 times, hence the water'1' and bottle'1' addition) game.physics.arcade.collide(player, water1, null, onCollision, this); game.physics.arcade.collide(player, bottle1, null, onCollision, this);
  2. Hello! I am making my first ever game and am having trouble getting my character to lose points. In the game, the character can collect two types of bottles. One of them rewards them points, while the other one I want to take away points. However, after doing the codes, my character is still getting points from collecting the wrong bottles (the ones that should take points away) This was the code I am using to take points from the player (it is in the update function) function collectbottle (player, bottle) { // Removes the bottle from the screen bottle.kill(
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