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  1. thank you it work now how do i know what the letters mean?
  2. and ok i make new folder. i named it scripts -
  3. no i didnt look -
  4. it still won't work. am i doing something wrong?
  5. yes i restart. how do i make project? do i do new project?where do i need to put min.js in project?
  6. i did try. nothing why do i procrastinate?
  7. i have visual studio express for desktop is that good enough? also i dont think i have babylon.d.ts where do i download?
  8. what do you do or use to get autocompletion?
  9. How can i do the babylon libary autocompletion for sublime text? ive looked eveywhere on forums but i cant find it. it will really help me when im programming. if not sublime text how can i do it for any text editor? is there is step by step guide? please help