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  1. Thank you, now this part works perfectly! I didn't know anything about occlusion, thank you! Now I have something to work on I'm sorry, but I don't understand what to you mean with "near the camera"... the final effect seemed quite realistic to me, except for the shadows on all the walls' faces, but probably I'm missing something! Actually the sphere won't be visible in the final scene, I'm just using it to see where the light is; so I haven't noticed the sphere lighting... Thank you all for your answers!
  2. Hi everybody! I'm having some troubles with shadows on my scene... I have a scene with a labyrint, a car and some objects that the car can collect while moving (boxes and coins). There is a point light that moves around the scene (the sun), and two spot lights that moves with the car (car lights). Working just with the shadow generator for the sun, I noticed that If I use PBRMaterial for my meshes, I cannot see any shadow (and changes in light's position neither, actually). Now I'm using only StandardMaterial, but I'd like to switch to PBR to have a more realistic effect Boxes project their shadow also on the back side of the walls (as shown in picture). There are problems if a mesh both receives and creates shadows I've created a simplified version of the scene, where there is the problem of the shadow on the back of walls, at In the picture there is a screen of my scene with the "multiple" shadows (light's position is the same of the sphere in the right corner). I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I have no idea of what... Can anyone help me? Thank you and sorry for my bad english
  3. Here I've done a simplified scene of what I'd like to obtain... the blue box moves and rotates with arrows; when it collides with the wall (other box on the right) the blue box becomes red; if the blue box collides with the sphere, it doesn't change its color, while I want that it becomes green.
  4. Hi everybody! I've just started using Babylon.js for a small project for an exam, but I'm having some troubles... I have a box that moves pressing arrow keys; when it collides with a fixed object, as a wall, the game ends. This part of the project works, and I've used the intersectMesh method to do this. The box moves updating its position each time that a key is pressed. (I don' t know if this is important but the box has a physics state, in order to properly move on the ground, that is made with an height map). Now, I'd like to add some small objects that the box can "collect" while moving, just colliding with them. I've created my meshes and I've added two animations, one for position and one for rotation; if I try to use the intersectMesh method for the box and the new mesh, it simply doesn't work... Can someone please explain me why this doesn't work? Thank you!