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  1. We're missing 5 unique views to have 1000, This might be somehow considered by greenlight as well, so if anyone haven't voted yet on our game, could you please at least just visit the site? Thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks @thefailtheory! Yes the demo is on, GameJolt and IndieDB already thefailtheorythefailtheorythefailtheor
  3. As I am new to this forum I would like to say Hi to all at first! I just found out about this forum (after 2 years of developing HTML5 games!). Ultimate Solid is a physics platform game with some puzzle elements which requires a lot of arcade skills. Unlike the traditional platform games movement is limited to jumping only. The game has been built in Construct 2 engine with box2d physics, by two people (me - game developer and my friend who is a dedicated level designer). Before I go with some more details, let me drop a trailer to give you a better picture of the game. There's a demo available to download for PC - Windows platform on indieDB: Demo is wrapped to dektop app with NWjs, which is a default desktop wrapper for Construct 2. We are releasing this game as a desktop game, but because of many requests we recieved from people we decided to release it for mobiles later on as well. PC version is almost done and should be available within a month from now. Regarding mobile version, it's TBD. We will surely need to rebuild it a bit for mobiles. Talking about full version. We have submitted Ultimate Solid to Steam and it's currently on Greenlight. It's going really well, so we hope for getting greenlight, but the stress is real as it is our first PC game and first Greenlight campaign! Currently there are barely several new votes a day as we are no longer on the first page of Greenlight, so if you feel an irresistible temptation to vote "yes" on some greenlight project, please leave your vote on Ultimate Solid Here's the Greenlight link: If there's anything you think could be done the other way or simply have any suggestions, please leave your feedback. The game is almost done but we are still polishing some parts. If you like the project and would like to stay updated, here are some links related to the project: Website: Twitter: Facebook: And again, greenlight votes are very much appreciated as we have no funds for promotion at all so we rely at 100% on the community. Thanks! Don't forget to try out the demo! I promise that the gameplay is much more fun than it looks on the trailer! (we hear that all the time really haha)