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  1. Hey. I'm having the same problem. Tried ogg, mp4 and wav. On both github pages and my personal site I'm getting 'phaser.js:74719 GET 404 (Not Found)' Edit: looks like the problem was that my Sounds folder started with a capital S, in the code I was using a small s. Is this a linux thing?
  2. nevermind, just found out about the getTileWorldXY function in Phaser.TileMap !
  3. Got round this for now by adding an enemyBoundsLayer. I don't really like it though as it will mean enemies landing on invisible tiles at some point
  4. Hi I'm trying to make my enemies turn in the opposite direction when they get close to the edge of a platform. I've attached two 16 x 16 child sprites to enemies, one to the bottom left, the other to the bottom right. However, I can't get them to detect my map's collision layer (playState.collisionLayer - I'm using Tiled for maps and exporting to JSON). Ideally what would happen is if the enemy is moving left and the left child sprite stops colliding with the collision layer, the enemy would start moving right Any tips?