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  1. But what if needed to have mask in group? For easy positioning on the screen, for example? Or when there are many masks for many sprites inside a group? What are the technical limitations? Nested groups? Because if we call "game.add.graphics()" game adds this graphics into group called "world". Or not?
  2. In this example, the mask added to the game is used. Not inside a group (e.g. group.add(mask)) that contains boxes. This not works: var group = ...; var box =...; var mask = ...; box.mask = mask; group.add(box); group.add(mask);
  3. Hi. How to add the mask (graphic) to group?. If the mask is added to the group, it no longer masks the sprite inside.
  4. Yes, I did it. Although this is not very convenient because the lists in the different classes.
  5. So impossible to have the different mouse wheel callbacks for different sprites/groups? Is possible to add the mouse wheel functionality to different list classes? E .g. to have an own callback for different instances of this class.
  6. Scrolling it. I have a two "screens" (group with sprites). Like a list with many items. Some items are hidden and scrolling using for reveal they. Need to achieve the scrolling if user use scroll wheel in any place on the screen. But if first screen is hidden (alpha = 0, x = -10000, for example) and user try to scrolling the another one - list on the first screen scrollied also.
  7. How to add mouse wheel callback only for specific sprite/group? game.input.mouse.mouseWheelCallback adds a callback for a whole game. And if a game have more than one scrollers they move synchronously.
  8. Thanks. So documentation is wrong in this section?
  9. How to make a tween whit durations in frames? var tween = game.add.tween(object).to({x: 100}, 300, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None); tween.frameBased = true; tween .start(); not works. It duration remains 300 ms, but not a 5 seconds (300 frames / 60 FPS).
  10. Some function moves the object with the tween with "Linear.None" easing. It also set the custom variable "isMoving" to "true". When the tween is completed ("tween.onComplete" using), a second function is called, set "isMoving" to "false" and if some conditions is true - calls the first motion function. So at the moment there is a slight delay and tween looks not smoothed. The second function not heavy, it doesn't affect to performance.
  11. How to dispatch InputDown event (signal)?
  12. I use Phaser (which use PIXI for rendering), but it''s not works. Looks like Linear or Nearest (images below is scaled up for clarity): In Photoshop:
  13. Hi. How to enable/add a Bicubic scale filtering?
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