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  1. I found a simpler solution: check event.data.originalEvent.button - if it is 2, it was a right click. 0 is a left click. You still need to prevent the context menu to show up.
  2. @botmaster: in my case I don't think it's bad structure. The child that should remain it's own scale is a bit of text. It follows the sprite but it should not resize when the sprite resizes.
  3. ...I got a response, the developer just pushed a new version that is updated to the latest Pixi-version and he intends to keep it updated to the latest version.
  4. That would be a solution, but my objects are grand-grand-grand-children of other objects so I would need to iterate through all te parent scales... I might try that.
  5. I could also keep the text apart from the object, but then I would need the screen coordinates of the object and move the text thereevery update. But the DisplayObjects have no method to get the screen coords, or I must be overlooking something...
  6. Is there a way to keep a child on it's original scale when scaling the parent object?
  7. anyone who knows? Or knows how to contact the makers succesfully?
  8. I was looking into EZGui for my project, it looks great and I was looking forward to integrate it in my application. But then I found it only works with older Pixi versions. And there is no sign on the website that tells me if the developer is still on it. I send them an email, and maybe I am impatient but they did not yet respond. Does anyone know if EZGui is still alive and if it is likely to be updated soon to work with Pixi 4?
  9. Great, that just works... I've seen a lot of answers out there that were a lot longer and did not work...
  10. I have a simpler solution. In the event handler that cancels the contextmenu event on the canvas, I also set a variable window.wasRightClick this.graphics.view.addEventListener('contextmenu', (e) => { window.wasRightClick=true; e.preventDefault(); }); In the handler fired on mouse down on a sprite or other object, I can now test for it. At the end of this event I reset the variable to false. this.click = function(event) { event.stopPropagation(); if (window.wasRightClick) acGame.showInventory(this.acParent); else acGame.showCommands(this.acParent);
  11. When I attach an event to a sprite, like sprint.on('click',clickresponse) I would like to know which of the hundreds of sprites fired this event. But somehow the event does not contain a pointer to the sprite that fired the event. I would have thought currentTarget would be a good candidate to test for it, but that one seems to be null allways. How to figure this out?
  12. Fedor


    @Ivan, what does this post got to do with WebP?
  13. Fedor


    Does anyone know where to find the fileformats PixiJS supports? Or is the support simply the same as the browser support for file formats? To be more specific: does PixiJS support the WebP fileformat? It would be great if it did, since WebP offers better and higher compression than PNG and JPG.
  14. Fedor


    Sorry, found it, just move up a folder level and the download zip button is there...
  15. Fedor


    did you manage to download them? I can't find an option to zip them, and downloading them one after an other will be quite some work...
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