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  1. Chrome has just been upgraded to v54.0.2840.68. We are not facing the issue with that version on our devices, and we hope this will work for other devices too. Joe K.
  2. We tested Chrome Beta v54.0.2840.61 on the following devices and it worked for us: - Samsung galaxy core II (SM-G355HN), Android 4.4.2, GPU Mali-400MP - Wiko Rainbow v8, Android 4.4.2, GPU Mali-400MP2 Joe K.
  3. Thank you all for your help. According to chrome support, it should be fixed on v54 chrome. Joe K.
  4. Chrome support answered that they can't reproduce the bug on their device (Samsung galaxy S4 mini). We have the issue on 2 devices: - Samsung galaxy core II (SM-G355HN), Android 4.4.2, GPU Mali-400MP - Wiko Rainbow v8, Android 4.4.2, GPU Mali-400MP2 Does any of you see a blinking black canvas after following this link on a device not listed above? If so, check that you have the latest version of Chrome mobile (V53.0.2785.127) and tell us your device name so that we can add it to our list and encourage Chrome support to fix this pretty huge issue. Thank you for your help.
  5. There is no error in the console. We investigated the issue because we're facing the same problem on other WebGL projects not based on Phaser/PIXI. We found out it originated from the getContext method (when specifying a WebGL canvas drawing context): setting alpha to false makes the screen flicker. Here's a minimal fiddle that will flicker on v53 chrome mobile: We reported the bug on chromium: Seems you were right on the money, rich. Joe K.
  6. This happens on simpler examples too:
  7. Thanks for your quick answer. The issue is reproductible on phaser examples. Example using webgl => screen blinking on chrome mobile v53, not on v52 Example using canvas => works perfectly Joe K.
  8. Hi guys, We developed a game last year with phaser 2.3.0 and webgl, it worked fine on computer browsers and mobile devices. But since the last update of chrome for android (v53.0.2785.97), the screen is flickering until it becomes totally black, without any error or warning. The issue is present on mobile only, it worked on chrome for android v52, but not v53. We tried to upgrade to phaser 2.6.2, same issue on chrome for android v53. If we use Phaser.CANVAS instead of webgl, it works fine, but we prefer using webgl for performances. Does anyone encounter the same problem? Thanks for your help. Joe K.