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  1. Hi everybody!! We have been working last months to improve our game, now we have a bigger map and we can also support more players! There are some new upgrades in the graphics, the most evident is the new more colorful background Recently we have also added a profile section to save your progress and scores in the game as well as we are working to implement a Supercoins system, which you can earn playing in the game, to unlock new skins. In addition we have just launched an app for Android and it will be avaliable for iOS soon too. Thank you!
  2. Hey! Nice game! I like the mix of fighting and resolving puzzles!! Difficulty has a nice evolution and i like the art style! First levels could "bore" some players, but I think they are important to understand how the blocks merge
  3. Hey nice game!! is very adictive!! Maybe first time I was a bit lost about how to play or what you have to do.
  4. Thanks @espace3d! We started the project with MaroKart in mind We have 2 kind of controls, in my case I prefer to play with keyboard, it's easier for me driving and shooting because you can turn tighter Thanks also to @Lolomancer and @Nikos123!!!!
  5. Thanks @Goblet Ed!! We wanted to try something different in IOgames
  6. I like puzzles with physics and this is a great idea! Love the background and all the graphics!
  7. @samme You just need 100 points to unlock!! Come on! its easy!!
  8. @rich @johhnyblagger Thanks for your comments!! I`m glad you like the game!!
  9. Hi everyone!! I have uploaded my last game, you can try it here: is a massive multiplayer IOgame developed in Phaser 2.6.2, Websocket and node.js. In this game you must get coins and smash your enemies using different items. Other players will try to kill you and steal your coins, but you can use your Energy Shield, although this will decrease your Coin Score. Your Coin Score speeds up your kart too. You can use the radar to locate the top three players. Here are some screenshots from gameplay: There are six different items you can use. Bullet, Missile and Mine have a three ammunition version and there is also an Aleatory Item. If you touch other kart when your Item Slot is empty, you can steal his item, be careful, your enemies can rob your items too. You can drive a standard kart, although we have added some new skins that you can unlock. Currently we are still working to improve it and we are developing the app for Android. Enjoy it and hope to see you in the Top Ranking! - -